The Briarcrest Field Trip

The Briarcrest Field Trip

Diccs given and Reminder of social distancing- especially since we are off site and at a new place. Also keep your eyes out for any Lawsonites that might be lurking in the bushes with water guns.

Warm up

Mosey to Front of school


15- weirdly counted Imperial Walkers while getting hackled by Chastain ..

10- Merkins and Calve stretch

Mosey to start of trail for the Thang….

The Thang

Alternate Light poles down to transporter shed

10 merkins/10 big boys

Grab some wall at the shed for 150 air presses in sets of 50 while staying in sitting position.

Mosey to the upper part of the stairs near the buses for some individual work- Complete each of the 5 exercises and when you finish one make a lap- before coming up the stairs knockout- 1 burpee

20- Donkey Kicks, 20-LBCS, 20-Heels to Heaven, 20-Mike Tysons and 20-Merkins

Mosey to benches near back of school/cafeteria area for 3 sets of dips and step ups ( 25/25) and just for the heck of it way not do a bear crawl down 1/3 of the island- ugh…

Start heading back towards to COT with 13 minutes left and on way back bear crawl through bus lot covered area- ugh….

In front of school  –10 Derkins, 20 Heels to Heaven and 10 Merkins with a 1/2 island lap in between.

Mosey back to COT with 1 minute left for ab work– recover– Now we all go hunt for 0-69 and a FNG they were coming up the trail just 3 minutes late- but the DICCS worked he had a cell phone and the call was made everyone was ok just miss timed due.



Today was the first official field trip of the Southside Briarscrestian’s. It was great getting back to a sort of normal workout and seeing different scenery other than the LARGE ASS LOTS in the Briars and Crest. Schneider pushed the PAX today with mileage and a good mix of all muscle groups while on our field trip. In a shocking surprise no Lawson peeps were hiding in the bushes to surprise attack us, which was appreciated. It was great seeing Carb Load today as that dude was craving a workout as he looked like he was shot out of a darn cannon today, nice push bro. Have a great day boys…



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