Legs need love also..

Legs need love also..

Diccs to include social distance and split into groups for road crossing and instructions on how we will cross the road

Warm up

1/4 mile opening Mosey

circle up

15 Imperial Walkers

10- Low slow squats- very slow

5 – very slow merkins- plank, elbow plank 10 seconds, 5 regular merkins, plank 10 seconds

Right arm high 10 seconds/right leg high 10 seconds/ regular plank 10 seconds/elbow plank 10 seconds

Left arm high 10 seconds/left leg high 10 seconds/regular plank 10 seconds/elbow plank 10 seconds

1/4 mile mosey at end a 25 yard walking lunges and the Mosey to Tuscany Clubhouse

The Thang ( Partner work for some leg toning exercises)

100- Bulgarian Squats using the wall

100- Step ups

50- Lateral Lunges

50- Jump Squats

50- Reverse Lunges

Other partner running up road to the left to the  stop sign for 10 Bomb Jacks and back to relieve your partner

Bear Crawl/Dry Docks – 4 bear crawls and 1 dry dock  — get to 20 bear crawls and 5 bear crawls before heading abck to the GREAT SOUTHSIDE OF THE BRIARS AND THE CREST..

While on the way back we stopped 3 different times for 10 jump squats and 10 bomb jacks

Return to COT with a few minutes to spare — lets try and finish the web.

Bear Crawl/Dry Docks – 24 bear crawls and 6 dry docks — we got to 36 and 9  ugh…….  time up recover..



The young lads are coming out in force and are continuing to push themselves to get out of bed and hang out with a few old dudes. Today the PAX had 13 peeps and another good mix of dudes and chicks, great work by all…The PAX will be moving off site for a field trip tomorrow at 6:30am if anyone wants in we will be taking a tour of Cuthbertson, if in please PM Chicken Little so we can plan properly for group work and separation.


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