SOB Qlette?

  • When:4/25/2020
  • QIC: Tuck

SOB Qlette?

Who: The Pax of SOBland

What: A virtual CSAUP featuring the most Qs of any F3 workout.

When: Saturday April 25 at 630A until…? (It will probably take 1.5 to 2 hours) 

Where: This Zoom Room

Why: Because you have nothing better to do….

We were planning on having a regional town hall meeting this weekend but with COVID19 cancelling that, Tuck cooked up a brilliant way to get all SOB pax to show up to a Zoom workout. Put them all on Q….Well it won’t be all the pax on Q but plenty of them and hopefully even some newcomers to Zoom or F3 in general. Each Q will have roughly 3 minutes to lead the pax in any way they choose. Tuck will serve as MC and help the list of Qs(shown in link below) navigate through this CSAUP by letting everyone who is up next and who is on deck.  If you want to get in on the QTrain, reach out to Tuck ASAP.  Pax will be scattered amongst a variety of AOs(basements, garages, parks) but Qs can assume pax are in a place they could run for a few minutes, lift something heavy(kb, rock, sandbag, etc) or do any plethora of bodyweight exercises.  See you there.


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