Four States At Once

Four States At Once

22 Pax including three 2.0s gathered virtually for the Maul this morning.  Fun Fact: 4 different states were represented.  See if you can guess them from the Pax list!

Warm Up: 20 SSH IC, 15 IW, 10 merkins and 20 MCs all OYO.  one minute run O/B.

Round 1: Mix of in place cardio and low/slow merkins.  Merkins done IC (2 counts downs, 2 counts up) in sets of 15,15, and 10.  All the cardio exercises done OYO in sets of 20.  So it went: jump squats, high knees, merkins, speed skaters, bobby hurleys, merkins, mountain climbers, lunges, plank jacks, merkins.  Finally, about 1 min of “up/downs,” everyone’s favorite.  Recover with 1 min O/B.

Round 2: Get a lifting element for one-arm rows.  Four sets of 10 each arm, with 20 SSH in between each set.

Round 3: A “triple nickel.”  Run out 30 seconds, 10 wide arm merkins, back 30 seconds, 10 diamond merkins.  Repeat 5 times.

Round 4: back in front of the computer, place a heavy lifting element 10 yards away from any object.  Alternate two arm rows with shuttle run.  Rows = 20, 15, 10, 5.  Shuttle (up and back) = 5,4,3,2.  If you ran it hard, you should be feeling this one.

Finish with planks, J lows, Mhaktar Njyes, 3 sets of Pax choice Mary and one minute of as many merkins as possible (or AMMAP).

Announcements: Tune in this Saturday for Stone Vinci and we will have the most Qs of any virtual F3 workout ever.  Everyone who posts gets three minutes!  How long will it take?  Who cares.  Will I end up doing 1,400 reps of the same exercise?  Quite possibly.  Its called CSAUP for a reason so embrace and enjoy.

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