Bomb Jacks are NOT FUN

Bomb Jacks are NOT FUN

DICCS given to include social distance and split PAX into two groups due to size to make sure we maintain safe space.

Warm up

20- imperial walkers

10 – Low Slow Squats

10- low slow merkins- plank, elbow plank, right hand high 10 secs, right leg high 10 secs, plank , elbow plank, left hand high 10 secs, left leg high 10 secs, plank, and elbow plank – recover.

Mosey 1/2 mile- plank after and wait on the 6

Mosey to middle of main rd. ( Shenandoah drive )

The Thang

group 1 – runs down Shenandoah drive- 5 burpees, 20 Bomb jacks back to middle of Shenandoah for 20 Pistol LBCS  alternating legs RINSE REPEAT

group 2- runs up Shenandoah drive – 5 burpees, 20 Bobby Hurley’s back to middle of Shenandoah for 20 pistol LBCS alternating legs – rinse repeat

Groups then switch direction and complete what other group did

Mosey within your group to laurel hill for some fun hill/group work

Group 1- bottom of hill 10 Mike Tysons- run backwards up hill for dry docks

Group 2- top of hill – 15 Dry Docks – run down hill for mike tysons

rinse repeat 5 times

Mosey to middle of Shenandoah in your group

Group 1 on one side and group 2 on other side ( Social Distancing still intact)

5- heels to heaven, 5 gas pumps, 5 American hammers, 10 air jabs ( increase each by 5 until we get to 15,15,15,25)

Mosey to COT in your groups

group 1 one side of rd and group 2 on one side of road ( Social Distancing still intact)

group 1 at COT and group 2 at entrance on the glorious Briars and the Crest

2 burpees and sprint to where other group start and rinse in repeat 5 times ( TIME UP)– whewwwwww


we had a great mixture of some hard core F3ers ( Schneider , Ricky Bobby, O-69, Turnbuckle, Spider Monkey, Baklava and Myself) and some hardcore chicks that would crush some FIA action if it ever comes back around ( Dixie Chick, Donovan and Pilisic) plus we had a few other kiddos mixed in and a FNG name (Cannoli) he named after his Greek heritage and his father is named Baklava. Great time today leading this group and thanks to Schneider for leading group 2 , although bigger than we like during this time we practiced social distancing to the T and we are not turning away peeps wanting to push their bodies with us.. GREAT WORK BY ALL

Thanks to 0-69 for taking us out….



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