Virtual non-tax day Maul

Virtual non-tax day Maul

As the sun rose on a crisp spring morning, you could feel the relief of all of those who have yet to file the tax returns.  Except Madame Tussauds…he was tossing all night thinking about the continued storm of clients who have yet to get their crap together.  Wait..where was MT this morning?

18 Pax including three 2.0’s enjoyed a few extra zzzzz’s for our lax starting time of 6:30 before walking out to the garage to post.  If I had to guess, I’m would put money on the number of pax who opted to not brush their teeth was north of 50%…just a guess.

The chatter was brief to start the morning and jumped right into our warm up:

SSH x 20

Squats x 20

Imperial Walker x 20

Mountain Climbers x 20

Quick 2 minute run out and back to get the blood flowing and we were ready for that thang:


We began the first of three sets.  Each set repeated three times:

Set 1:

Merkins x 15

Jump squats x 20

LBC x 30

3 minute run

Set 2:

Wide arms merkins x 15

Single leg Russian dead lift x 20 (10 each leg)

Flutter x 30

4 min run

Set 3:

Diamond merkins x 15

Lunges x 20 (10 each leg)

Heels to heaven x 30

4 min run

The finale:

Incline merkin/dip ladder

10 down to 1

5 Burpees OYO got us right to stopping time.


Solid work was felt on my end.  Can’t speak for the rest of the pax, but at times have trouble gauging the intensity of a largely standstill workout.  Hope your shoulders are feeling it today!



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