Brairs and Crester’s arm day

Brairs and Crester’s arm day

Diccs given to include crossing road safely and social disctancing


15 Imperial Walkers

10 – Tator Pickers

plank/right arm high/ right leg high return to plank left arm high/left leg high return to plank

Downward Dog- Calve stretch- Upward Dog – plank – 10 slow merkins

Mosey .40 miles

The Thang

Circle up after mosey for 15 merkins, 10 Mike Tysons. 10 merkins, 5 Mike Tyson– then right into a jack webb for 1 merkin, 4 airpresses-  get to 10 merkins and 40 air presses.

Mosey to GRAND OLE ENTRANCE of the Glorious The Briars and Crest for another 1/2 Webb 1 Big Boy, 4 Merkins and 4 American Hammers- get to 5 Big Boys and 20 American Hammers- do not increase Merkins but do 4 each round.

Mosey across the street and invade the Tuscany neighborhood for some wall/partner work. P1 RUN two laps around clubhouse parking lot while P 2 exercises on wall and switch until the pair reach 150 dips, 100 step ups, 50 decline Merkins. Once wall work is finished the group finished the other 1/2 of the Jack Webb 6 Big Boys, 2 Merkins, 24 American Hammers- 10 Big Boys and 40 American Hammers and finish with 10 Mike Tysons– HORRIBLE IDEA !! UGH..

Before we left the Tuscany Empire we had a few minutes left for some sprints- 25 dips sprint across parking lot and back for 20 dips/sprint ect…. decrease dips by 5 each time until down to 5…

Mosey back to COT for 4 crunches, 4 air jabs, 8 crunches/8 air jabs, 12 crunches– we got to 20/20 before time was called..



Another good crowd in the Briars and the Crest on a beautiful but windy morning- We actually a few others out again but they will not get official names until they can attend an official F3 workout… peace out boys and have  a great day


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