A Tradition Like No Other

A Tradition Like No Other

The swap that never happened; was going to switch with Hopper and take on Hydra today, but either a bat or a chemical lab had other plans.

In a normal world, I’d be 4 beers and 2 bbq sandwiches deep at Augusta National right now  (Edited: 4 beers, 3 bbq sandwiches, 1 moon pie and 1 peach ice cream sandwich).  That will have to wait until November 12.  Inspired by The Masters, a threesome of pros, and one junior amateur, took an early tee time to beat the rain and played 18 holes.

Each hole = a called exercise.  The threesome to do 72 reps at each hole (par for Augusta) among all three (=24 each).  Mosey to the next hole.

Hole 1: Tea Olive = SSH

Hole 2: Pink Dogwood = Squats

Hole 3: Flowering Peach = IWs

Hole 4: Flowering Crab Apple = Merkins

Hole 5: Magnolia = Carolina Dry Docks

Hole 6: Juniper = Romanian Deadlifts (aka Bird Pickers) (practice that one legged pick-your-ball-up-from-the-hole!)

Hole 7: Pampas = flutters

Hole 8: Yellow Jasmine = Freddy Mercury’s (coincided with getting yellow pollen all over backs)

Hole 9: Carolina Cherry = WW2 sit ups

Make the turn!

Our version of Amen Corner at the cross and statue of Mary at CCHS:

Hole 10: Camelia = Step ups

Hole 11: White Dogwood = Dips

Hole 12: Golden Bell = Split lunges

*Lightning spotted, play on course not suspended but moved under cover*

Hole 13: Azalea = Jump Squats (greatest hole in golf gets the lamest exercise)

Hole 14: Chinese Fir (no comment) = Mountain Climbers

Hole 15: Firethorn = Shoulder Taps

Hole 16: Redbud = SSH (called by the junior amateur)

Hole 17: Nandina = Merkins

Hole 18: Holly = Burpees (equivalent of being stuck in the sand trap)

And we have a tie!  Playoffs needed.

First playoff hole: LBCs

Second playoff hole: opposite elbow to knee sit ups

Third playoff hole: SSH (yes, again)

Junior amateur takes the green jacket, head on in to the clubhouse.

3.3 miles covered; 504 reps each golfer.  Not the same as being there, but a little imagination sure makes these days go by quicker!

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