Where are those bird sounds coming from?

  • When:4/6/2020
  • QIC: Mighty Mite

Where are those bird sounds coming from?

One of the few bright spots of these virtual workouts is the reduction of my commute to the AOs.  Now that all I have to do is wake up, make a visit to the toilet, put on my shoes, and hop into the Zoom Room, I’ve set my alarm to 515 most mornings.  That was interupted by Voodoo texting me at 511 telling me he was taking the morning off.  Flash back in time, 20 hours earlier, YHC and Voodoo were finishing up the 12(13) mile star course at a safe social distance and it took a toll on our feet.

Brexit and War Eagle were waiting for me in the Zoom Room and we got started at 535.

The Thang

1 H Swings 5/4 L, 5/4 R, 10/2 L, 10/2 R.  Should be a heavy weight and an explosive movement.

Exploding Merkins(hands leave the ground at the top of the merkin):  2X 5/4, 2X 10/2

Waiters Carries:  4 1 minute rounds…..YHC stood in place for this one because my wheels aren’t 100% at the moment.

1 min Elbow Plank

1 min hollow holds

1 min glute bridge

1 min hold a low squat



Brexit was a regular at Tweet and Meat last fall before getting put in the concussion protocol after a nasty accident.  It is great to see that he’s recovered and back to swinging some iron around.

War Eagle was distracted by the birds chirping through Zoom, hence the name of the backblast.

Swing/Merkin day is more moderate than some of the other workouts in this program but it was welcome by YHC after yesterday’s DIY Starcourse.

Wednesday is Snatch/TGU day, which are more advanced/difficult exercises.


SOB now has virtual boot camp workouts Mon-Sat(and gear workouts on M, W, and S).  We’re even experimenting with a 6:30A workout on Mondays called Garage Band.  If you haven’t posted yet, do it.  If you haven’t Qed a virtual workout yet, sign up.  If you haven’t seen one of your buddies in the ZoomRoom, EH him to give it a try.

In an effort to do just that, we’re having a little Da Vinci vs Stonehenge challenge on Saturday.  Stonehenge Pax wear blue.  Da Vinci pax wear red.  Everyone’s going to be there.  You should too.

War Eagle is rumored to be putting together an SOB Happy Hour on Saturday.  Stay tuned.



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