Garage Band Audition

Garage Band Audition

3 PAX rocked out at a new workout called Garage Band on a beautiful Monday morning.  What is Garage Band?  Will SOB’s attend a Monday workout?  Are there horse socks?  Is anybody listening to me?

Garage Band is a new Monday virtual bootcamp born out of the current insanity.  Historically, SOB has struggled to sustain a Monday bootcamp (aside from The Big House up in Pineville).  No one really knows why.  Maybe we all just have a case of the Mondays.  Every Monday.  Maybe no one wants to compete with Blakovery (note, correct spelling of Blakovery).  Maybe Monday’s are cursed?  Rumor has it a few PAX have tried a Monday bootcamp in the past and all have suffered ill consequences.  In 2015, Market Timer and Bucky tried to launch one.  At the time they had flowing locks of hair down to their shoulders.  By the time the workout was over… not so much.  In 2017 it was Transporter and Paper Jam’s turn.  Prior to that they had never pooped mid-workout.  You all know how that story ends.  In 2018 Escobar gave it a shot.  He was just coming off his 10th consecutive marathon.  As far as anyone knows he has not run since.  #SOBMondayCurse

A few PAX have noted that they would appreciate a later start time option due to the lack of a commute or whatever the case may be, so we went with 0630 for this one.  Since everyone is out of their normal routines now is a great time to throw some new stuff at the wall and see what sticks.  It was much easier to get a 5k pre-run in with this start time.  Aside from the day of week and start time, everything else about Garage Band is pretty standard.


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • IW x 20 IC
  • LSS x 20 IC
  • Run 1 minute out w/ some karaoke, 1 min back w/ some butt kickers and high knees

vDora 1-2-3

  • Partner up
  • Partner 1 runs 30 seconds out, 30 seconds back while partner 2 does merkins.  Flapjack.  Keep going until 100 cumulative merkins.
  • Partner 1 runs 30 seconds out, 30 seconds back while partner 2 does squats.  Flapjack.  Keep going until 200 cumulative squats.
  • Partner 1 runs 30 seconds out, 30 seconds back while partner 2 does LBC’s.  Flapjack.  Keep going until 100 cumulative LBC’s


  • Pax 1 calls an exercise
  • 2 minute run
  • Pax 1 calls his exercise again
  • Pax 2 calls an exercise
  • 2 minute run
  • Pax 1 calls his exercise again
  • Pax 2 calls his exercise again
  • Pax 3 calls an exercise
  • 2 minute run
  • etc etc

Here are the exercises that each PAX chose as we built the pyramid:

  • Coyote – SSH x 10 IC
  • Soft Pretzel – dips x 10
  • Tuck – diamond merkins x 10
  • Coyote – CDD x 10
  • Soft Pretzel – thrusters w/ weight x 10
  • Tuck – split squats x 10 each leg
  • Coyote – burpees x 10


Thank you Softie for joining and trying something new.  Oh BTW you are co-site Q of Garage Band.  Coyote (YHC’s 2.0) is still enthusiastic about working out after a few weeks.  YHC is cherishing this unexpected time with him in the gloom.

Lessons Learned:

  • We can make partner exercises like Dora 1-2-3 work in the virtual environment
  • It is known that doing exercises in cadence with the PAX is problematic due to the audio lag.  The Q can count the cadence for all, and still breathe, by skipping the “1”.  For example: 1, 2, 3, 1; <breathe> 2, 3, 2; <breathe> 2, 3, 3; <breathe> 2, 3, 4; etc.



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Thin Mint
1 year ago

You forgot the 2019? attempt by Mighty, General_, and ???. I can’t even remember what we called it and it was partially my idea (the workout, not the name). Other than the Site Qs named above, I think Cheese Curd and maybe Strawberry came once.

All that to say, this is doomed. OR, destined to be a ridiculous breakout success. I’ll be there next Monday to cast my vote for the latter.

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