15 Bootcampers met digitally Friday AM 5:30.  Stuck pretty close to the PreBlast plan http://f3southcharlotte.com/2020/04/02/v-bootcamp-pre-blast/

…but also modified a bit along the way, and learned more that will improve future workouts.

We ended up doing 4 “1 out, 1 back” cycles, and 4 “Home Base Circuits”   And we actually got through far more than I expected!

(this should be fairly accurate…)

  • Disclaimer given- not a pro, suggestions, modify, be safe
  • Warmups in place (Imp Walker, SS Hop, Squat, Merkin, Mtn Climb, PeterParket, Bulgarian Ball Busters…YA!)
  • (lots of Plank in between all these, awaiting the Six)
  • 1 out, 1 back (with two called exercises at the turn, and will get audience participation on what to call) 5 Burpees, 10 Squats
  • Home Base Circuit 1 (90 seconds)  10 x Dips, 10 x Curls, 10 x Jump Squats (repeat until time)
  • 1 out, 1 back (two called exercises, from audience…10 Burpees, 20 LBCs)
  • Home Base Circuit 2 (2 minutes) 10 x Split Squats (5 & 5), 10 x Shoulder Press, 10 x Heals2Heaven (repeat until time)
  • 1 out, 1 back (10 Inch Worms, 10 Side/Side Merkins)
  • Home Base Circuit 3 (3 minutes) 10 x Curls, 10 x Derkins, 10 x Dips, 10 x Freddy Merc (repeat until time)
  • 1 out, 1 back (19 Dollys, 10 Diamond Merc)
  • Home Base Circuit 4  (2 minutes) 10 x American Hammer, 10 x Dips, 10 x Wide Arm Merk
  • Finished out with 10 Burpees OYO, and then Plank/6 inches.  Done!


I can’t say I doubted “virtual workouts”, but did wonder how they could work for us.  I assumed they would be far more clunky than they have been – I have actually loved them.  In fact, before this week I couldn’t have imagined that arguably my best bootcamp week of 2020 would be this week – 3 Virtual Bootcamps (& counting) which were all strong workouts, and actually fun challenges in the new format.  (great job Cooter, Kirby, and Tuck for Qs earlier in the week that I could learn & steal from!)

Funny & great to see everyone’s home setups – garages, basements, San Francisco (Escobar!), climbing wall man caves (FireHaz), local parks (Wild Turkey).   T-Claps to Tuck & 2.0 “Wild Coyote” for acceptable partner work!

Pardon the cameo from our dog & my M!!

On the one hand our foundation of relationships makes it possible to shift to virtual.  Many of us know & trust each other already, and have each other’s backs.  Many of us have posted together dozens, if not hundreds of times!  On the other hand, I’ve now posted multiple times with guys I didn’t know before (Point Break, Cotton Mouth), and it’s awesome!  It’s been awhile since I’ve regularly had that “how did you get that name?” question in my head that I used to get in my first year or so in F3.

When Q-ing a virtual workout:

  • I would plan for the “Home Base Circuits” to have been longer…at least 2 minutes, if not 3 minutes.  And even when my circuit alarm would sound for each section, I gave more of a soft warning to finish up 1 that last set of 10, rather than immediately just move on…seemed to work well.
  • Any Virtual Q should do the counting for the Pax – not try to count all together. (the internet delay is out of synch)
  • Great call Tuck on the “audience participation” idea on Wednesday – I obviously stole & modified that for our running pitstops.  I think everyone had at least 1 suggested exercise (including “Wild/Wiley Coyote” 🙂


  • Lots of opportunities this weekend – check Slack “virtual” channels!
  • Remember, reach out to 2 guys you have NOT seen in recent weeks – get them connected to something, anything.

Wild Turkey put a shout out on Slack that “virtual workouts are legit“, and I immediately through of MC Hammer/Hammer “2 Legit 2 Quit“…that’s us!!!

I appreciate you guys – this has been quite a crazy world, and F3 continues to bring me inspiration, motivation, & camaraderie needed in all times, but especially now.


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