V-Bootcamp Pre-Blast

  • When:04/03/2020
  • QIC: Bucky

V-Bootcamp Pre-Blast

My first “Virtual” Q, but thanks to Cooter2, Kirby, and Tuck, I have seen 2 very well-executed sessions already this week!

Friday 5:30.  This will NOT be a “Brave” workout in terms of 4+ miles, but it will be a beatdown bootcamp of 45 minutes, starting at 5:30.

Most guys set up in the garage, and open the door (for running)…will call that “Home Base” below

Set up Zoom a few minutes early (I’ll have my iPad sitting on a box).

For this session, try to have:

1- Rock or weight or anything (curls, shoulder)…any weight is fine

2- Chair or stool or anything (for dips, split squats)

3- 1 minute run location (we’ll do some “run 1 minute out”, then will do two called exercises, then run “1 minute back” circuits…thanks Tuck for that example from Wednesday)  I’ll list those below as “1 out, 1 back” below…

The Thang:

  • Warmups in place (Imp Walker, SS Hop, Squat, Merkin, Mtn Climb, etc…YA)
  • 1 out, 1 back (with two called exercises at the turn, and will get audience participation on what to call)
  • 90 Second Circuit (Home Base)  10 x Dips, 10 x Curls, 10 x Jump Squats (repeat circuit until time)
  • 1 out, 1 back (two called exercises, from audience)
  • 90 Second Circuit (Home Base) 10 x Split Squats (5 & 5), 10 x Shoulder Press, 10 x Heals2Heaven (repeat circuit until time)
  • 1 out, 1 back (2 called at turn)
  • (from here will see how time goes…likely Home Base…Mary, various Merkins, etc)

Go to our “Virtual 1st F” channel for link, and any other communication/issues/etc

See you in the Zoom Gloom!!

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