Cresters Storm The Roads of Tuscany

Cresters Storm The Roads of Tuscany

DICCSs given to include safety rules for crossing the road and social distancing

Warm up

Mosey a brisk pace of .20 and circle up back at COT

12 – SSH

12-Imperial Walkers

12- Calve Stretches

12- Merkins

Then mosey over to Tuscany Neighborhood across the street from the Brairs and Crest, crossing street as a group and in safe and controlled manner.

The Thang

No touch partner work-

P1- runs and completes 20 low slow squats down the hill near the playground

P2- does excerises

50- derkins/ 100- step ups/ 150 Dips

When done as a group we circled up around island for some sidewalk merkins- 5 to the left and 5 to the right.

Mosey to stop sign and get on sidewalk facing the treaded hill in Tuscany– ugh

OYO mosey up hill and stop at every driveway on your left and complete rotating exercises 10 mike Tysons or 10 big boy sit ups– terrible idea lol…..

When you reach top of hill complete 10 bomb jacks and 10 merkins, mosey down Sequoia lane to stop sign and complete 10 bomb jacks and 10 merkins and return to start of top of hill for 10 more bomb jacks and 10 more merkins.

Mosey down hill to stop sign for 10 low slow squats and before moseying to stop sign leaving Tuscany before heading home to the Crest of the Briars— JAIL BREAK LAST 100 YARDS…..

The PAX crossed the street in a safe controlled manner as a group and heading back to COT- 3 Minutes lefts…

20 flutters, 20 heels to heaven, 20 pistol LBCS, and 20 LBCS



As always I really appreciate the chance to lead a group within F3. Today it was a cool start to a beautiful morning and we actually had another FNG today– Chloe who is Trojan’s others daughter who will be named Repeat since her twin sister who came out yesterday got named first ( Pete) hahah– get it ??Pete and repeat and they are twins lol…, great job Trojan getting your girls out with us. I also wanted to call out 0-69 who is killing it- dude logged 231 miles in March, Baklava is showing daily progress and Ricky Bobby is crushing the running– hell of a job boys!!!

Last but not least I  also want to thank Chicken Little for continuing to write my back blast cause I refuse to figure it out... lol HAVE A GREAT DAY BOYS..

thanks Schneider…

written by Chicken Little..


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