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Patience is a Virtue

Traditional warm-up

EMOM (every minute on the minute) is a type of interval workout where you perform a specific task at the start of every minute for a set amount of time. Finish the set number of called and exercises and rest the remaining. Or you can space out exercises throughout the minute. Either way works.

Set 1 – Get your heart rate up
Even number minutes – 50 Side straddle hops
Odd number minutes – 50 Mountain climbers
1 min run

Set 2 – Legs
Even number minutes – 20 Romanian deadlifts (10 each leg)
Odd number minutes – 20 jump squats
1 min run

Set 3 – Core
Even number minutes – 20 heels-to-Heaven

Odd number minutes – 50 Freddy Mercury (single count)
1 run

Last 5 min —
10 burpees every minute

That’s it. Nothing fancy, just a grinding, slow burn. It requires patience and grit. Now more than ever we need patience and grit. There’s a lot of reasons I want to rush to the next phase of this pandemic, of my career of my life. I want to do what I used to do. But I must be patient.

Proverbs 19:21
Father, many plans are in my heart, but I pray that Your purpose prevails. Let Your will be done in my life and let the plans that You have released in heaven, be aligned here on earth. I pray that I understand Your purpose for me so that I do not stray from it or forget it. Let my desires become aligned with Your purpose so that I am not conflicted in my lifestyle. This is the prayer of my heart, Amen.


Bombjack Bonanza-

Field trip day 2 Cuthbertson— With two more Chaperones… (Zinfandel and High Hat) to help wrangle all the Southside Briarcrest peeps— I think Carb Load called them in to keep a eye on us after yesterday lol

DICCS- to include social distancing

Warm up-

Mosey to the T interaction towards Transporter Shed

10 – low slow squats

5 – low slow merkins

plank, elbow plank 10 seconds, plank, right arm high. right leg high 10 seconds

plank, elbow plank 10 seconds, plank, left arm high, left leg high 10 seconds

downward dog and upper ward dog– the Chicken really has no idea what is what thanks Carb Load for clearing this up– remember this PAX if your looking up it is called upper dog- and if your looking down it is called downward dog?  hummmm who knew???

Mosey past transporter shed to the left at the trail head near the buses for 10 bomb jacks and 10 jump squats

Mosey up the trail to the circular island for the THANG.

The Thang

All Pax spread-out around the island with hands on curb in a plank position- complete a merkin and slide to the right 7 times, rinse repeat to the left 7 times- Stay in same position and do 5 slide over merkins to the right and then again to the left.

10- bomb jacks and 10 jump squats

Partner up for some ab work


200 – LBCS

150-Heels to Heaven ( up and down is 1)

100- Pistol LBCS

50 – Big Boys

P2- Run to island at bottom of hill for 10- jump squats

when finish help your fellow PAX finish– back to curb for same 7/5/7/5 merkin slide overs and when done step back for 10 jump squats and 10 bomb jacks

Mosey from island to benches near cafeteria for 25 dips with right leg out and 25 dips with left leg out- Sprint to door of Cafeteria and back to benches for 15 incline merkins with left leg out and 15 incline merkins right leg out- then sprint to door and back for 10 bomb jacks and 10 jump squats.

Mosey up around high school stopping at corner for 1o bomb jacks and 10 jump squats– Mosey to one of the culverts in the school for some Mike Tysons and presses– Started with 5 Tysons and 20 Air presses and got to 7 and 28 before moseying to entrance of high school for 10 bomb jacks and 10 jump squats. Mosey to front of middle school for more Mike Tysons and air presses – 8 Tysons and 32 air presses- got to 9 and 36. Mosey to COT TO finish with 10 Mike Tysons and 40 air-presses and 15 LBCS– TIME UP!!! WHEWWWWWWW.



We had 15 dedicated soles- 13  from the Briars and the Crest for our field trip and 2 lone wolves who have accepted as our own. After we verified everyone’s permission slips and welcome the one and only Zinfandel back in our group we took off for our campus tour. The PAX really pushed themselves today and I only heard a few whimpers and crying mainly from my niece ( two left feet) but overall it was a well round workout with plenty of Bomb Jacks and Jump Squats. I am very proud of the kids in Briarcrest who are getting up and getting after it even when Schneider, -0-69 and I move the workout to out of the neighborhood the last two days– awesome to see. It was good to see High Hat and Zinfandel back out with us as well as Crab Load two days in a row.. Peace out Boys have a great day

F3 Waxhaw Update


First of all, YHC and your Board of Brothers hopes you and your families are all safe and well, and you’re enjoying this much needed “Time Out” called. None of us saw this coming but there is no group we would rather go through this with than our F3 Brothers.

The F3 Waxhaw Board met via Zoom last week to discuss all the unforeseen benefits and blessings that have come as a result of the SIPO, and our plans to “re-open” our AO’s and activities.  Every Region and dynamic is different,  and we never really shut down our operations in Waxhaw…we just transformed how we operate and engage the Waxhaw Pax.  It has been great to see men continue to push themselves and each other in the Gloom, but also draw closer to each other and their faith during a challenging time for our families and community.   We all know the importance of a healthy and strong body and immune system to fight off viruses and disease, and exercise is a vital part of this.  F3 was built for this!

There have been many examples of leadership and strength in F3 Waxhaw during this time, and here is some of the goodness we have seen since we “closed” normal operations 6 weeks ago on 3/16/20:

  • We incorporated “OYO” vWOD’s, posted by a virtual Q the day/night prior to the workouts (took some planning but going well)
  • We tried Zoom Workouts.  Although, adoption rate has been poor as most guys choose to workout together.
  • We allowed men to make their own decisions whether to post with others or not.  We are ultimately responsible for our own health and safety, not the Government!
  • We saw the Majority of the Pax choose to workout in small groups…we have a lot of fight in us!
  • We created Virtual COT’s for accountability and some good laughs.  Dasher set the bar high in this area!
  • New AO’s formed in our core neighborhoods of Lawson, Briarcrest, Millbridge, Walnut Creek, Bushwood, and even at Frack’s house!
  • We welcomed several FNG’s into the mix, through workouts and at Open Door.
  • We saw greater Fellowship taking place in the small workout groups…the original design of F3!
  • We still have Q Source and Sanctuary happening virtually with great numbers.
  • We started an “Iron Sharpens Iron” GroupMe Channel for guys to seek/share encouragement and positive words…now up to 34 Pax!  Amazing!
  • We saw the virtual “Open Door” explode with 100% increase in the normal Sunday morning attendance! Such great discussions and words being shared. Thanks for Bottlecap’s leadership here!
  • Our marketing dept is still operating and is clearly “essential”, thanks to Zin.
  • We see new leaders stepping up every day!

Great stuff, fellas. We are a small, but mighty group of warriors doing great things for our families, our brothers, and our community, and will continue to impact more men and their families moving forward.

Our plan to “re-open” F3 Waxhaw:

We decided as a Board to not recreate the wheel, and take what other Regions have communicated to their Pax (Cape Fear, MeCa, others) about a re-opening plan.  We need to make decisions based on what works best for Waxhaw.  The Cape Fear letter and tone was on-point and we appreciate their leadership and direction. If you haven’t seen it, we will repost on GroupMe for everyone to read.

The bottom line is that we are ready to “re-open” as soon as the current phase of SIPO is lifted. As of now, we are targeting Saturday 5/9/2020 as the date so we can enjoy a good beatdown, and some much needed 2nd F Coffeterias around the area (keeping a physical distance, of course).

What does this look like?

  • We will open up our current AO’s, 6 days/week, with our current Site Q’s and structure in place.
  • Start times will be moved 6am for workouts, to allow Pax to transition back easier. We are approaching “Summer Hours” and this should work well.
  • Invite FNG’s, since gyms are closed and many men are struggling right now. They need this as much we did when we started!

There are some new considerations and expectations as part of our Disclaimer, or “DiCSS” as we call it in Waxhaw.  Some slight modifications to what Cape Fear posted:

  • We will still communicate our usual “Welcome to F3…you are here on your own free will…modify as needed…can’t sue me, F3, the facility…look out for your brothers and help keep them safe…”. We are already doing this!
  • All workouts will be split into 10 pax or less at any particular AO for the foreseeable future. Site Q’s and Q’s will need to enforce this for the safety of the Pax.
  • Maintain safe Physical Distancing of at least 10′ at all times, including at COT and Ball of Man. We are already doing this in our small groups!
  • No shared Coupons or Equipment (bring your own) and Partner exercises need to be at a distance.  We are already doing this!
  • Gloves are Recommended. Be smart and responsible.
  • If you are sick, or have been around anyone who is sick, do not post! Use Zoom or workout OYO!

We are asking every Pax to take this seriously, but also take responsibility for keeping themselves, their families, and their brothers safe and healthy.

It’s wrong to assume everyone is dealing with this the same way, since we have never been through something like this.  Like I have mentioned before, “we are all in the same storm, but on different boats!”. What works for one might not work for another, but everyone is welcome to join us back for a traditional F3 workout or event as soon as they are ready! No pressure at all.  We have been known to bust chops of guys not posting, but we all want what’s best for the Pax.

With all this being said, the data, science, and facts about COVID-19 are more clear now than they were 6 weeks ago.  We still take this threat seriously, but the healthy men of F3 are not being affected like those above the age of 63 or so, and those with co-morbid conditions.  With so much doom-n-gloom being spread by the media and others we associate with, and the selfish motives of many, it’s important to stay positive and not fear.  Ultimately, it is our responsibility to lead our M’s, 2.0’s, and families through this since they will remember how they felt, and remember less about the particular details. They are relying on us, fellas.  Remember, “Adversity doesn’t build character, IT DEFINES IT!”

Please reach out to me or anyone on the Board if you want to talk, vent, ask questions, ask for help, etc.  We have all learned that our plans can be derailed or destroyed quickly, and many of the “things” we valued before are just that…Things! Our health, our families, and the time we get to spend with them is the most important thing in our lives…even more important than a job or F3 (although they are secondarily important).

We are ready to re-launch here in Waxhaw soon, and before we know it we will be celebrating our 1-year anniversary as our own Region.  This will be a big celebration of our success and growth, followed by the 10-year anniversary of F3 Nation in Cape Fear, NC! Be well, brothers, and we look forward to seeing you in the Gloom soon!


“As Iron Sharpens Iron, So One Man Sharpens Another” – Proverbs 27:17

Get Out There

With no VWOD on the books it was time to pull together some old favorites.  No VWOD is NO excuse to not workout.  Get out there.

DiCCS (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety)

Warm Up:

  • Run .3 Mile to the corner of Radcliffe and Avalon
  • SSH x 20
  • Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
  • Merkins x 10
  • Calf Stretch

The Thang:

  • “3 Corners”
  • 15 Mountain Climbers (2 is 1) at stop sign at end of Radcliffe
  • 2 Burpees in the middle
  • 15 LBCs at the stop sign at bottom of Avalon
  • 2 Burpees in the middle
  • 15 Hand Release Merkins at the stop sign at beginning of Radcliffe
  • 2 Burpees in the Middle
  • Rinse and Repeat again

Mosey to bottom of Radcliffe:

  • Big Boys x 20
  • Run to top of Wynhurst for 20 Gas Pumps
  • Mosey back to AO and stop at every other driveway on the left
  • Alternate between Merkins x 10 and LBCs x 10

Cinderblock Work:

  • Curls x 25, run to second mailbox and back
  • Shoulder presses x 25, run to second mailbox and back
  • Bench press x 25, run to second mailbox and back
  • Rinse and repeat 2 more times for total of 3 sets

Captain Knockout Web:

  • 1 Big Boy, 4 American Knockouts, 4 Merkins
  • 2 Big Boys, 8 American Knockouts, 4 Merkins
  • Increase Big Boys by 1, Knockouts by 4, keep Merkins at 4 until
  • 10 Big boys, 40 American Knockouts, 4 Merkins

Done!  Over 3 miles in the books.

Thanks to Speed Bump for taking us out today

The Briarcrest Field Trip

Diccs given and Reminder of social distancing- especially since we are off site and at a new place. Also keep your eyes out for any Lawsonites that might be lurking in the bushes with water guns.

Warm up

Mosey to Front of school


15- weirdly counted Imperial Walkers while getting hackled by Chastain ..

10- Merkins and Calve stretch

Mosey to start of trail for the Thang….

The Thang

Alternate Light poles down to transporter shed

10 merkins/10 big boys

Grab some wall at the shed for 150 air presses in sets of 50 while staying in sitting position.

Mosey to the upper part of the stairs near the buses for some individual work- Complete each of the 5 exercises and when you finish one make a lap- before coming up the stairs knockout- 1 burpee

20- Donkey Kicks, 20-LBCS, 20-Heels to Heaven, 20-Mike Tysons and 20-Merkins

Mosey to benches near back of school/cafeteria area for 3 sets of dips and step ups ( 25/25) and just for the heck of it way not do a bear crawl down 1/3 of the island- ugh…

Start heading back towards to COT with 13 minutes left and on way back bear crawl through bus lot covered area- ugh….

In front of school  –10 Derkins, 20 Heels to Heaven and 10 Merkins with a 1/2 island lap in between.

Mosey back to COT with 1 minute left for ab work– recover– Now we all go hunt for 0-69 and a FNG they were coming up the trail just 3 minutes late- but the DICCS worked he had a cell phone and the call was made everyone was ok just miss timed due.



Today was the first official field trip of the Southside Briarscrestian’s. It was great getting back to a sort of normal workout and seeing different scenery other than the LARGE ASS LOTS in the Briars and Crest. Schneider pushed the PAX today with mileage and a good mix of all muscle groups while on our field trip. In a shocking surprise no Lawson peeps were hiding in the bushes to surprise attack us, which was appreciated. It was great seeing Carb Load today as that dude was craving a workout as he looked like he was shot out of a darn cannon today, nice push bro. Have a great day boys…



Not much chatter, just a good quiet beatdown to start the week…

Quiet morning in the Gloom today. Seven PAX + Three 2.0s (Hang 10? No? Too much?) hit the surf this morning to start off their weeks.

Here’s what went down.

The Thang

Warm-Up Exercises in cadence:

  • SSH x 30
  • IW x 20
  • Merkins x 15
  • Mountain Climbers x 10 each leg
  • Burpees x 10

1m OUT and 1m IN Run

WAVE 1: Repeat 2 times (Plank in-between & before run-out)

  • Exercise #1: Dips x 20
  • Exercise #2: Derkins x 20
  • Exercise #3: Step Ups x 20 (10 per leg)

2m OUT and 2m IN Run

WAVE 2: Repeat 2 times (Plank in-between & before run-out)

  • Exercise #1: Mike Tysons x 20
  • Exercise #2: Jump Lunges x 20 (10 per leg)
  • Exercise #3: WWII Sit-Ups x 20

1m OUT and 1m IN Run (AYG on the final 30 seconds)

WAVE 3: Repeat 2 times (Plank in-between & before run-out)

  • Exercise #1: Curls x 20
  • Exercise #2: Shoulder Press x 20
  • Exercise #3: Triceps Extension x 20
  • Exercise #4: Triple Lindy x 20

1m OUT and 1m IN Run

WAVE 4: Repeat 2 times (Plank in-between & before run-out)

  • Exercise #1: Romanian Dead Lifts x 20 (10 per leg)
  • Exercise #2: Heels to Heaven x 20
  • Exercise #3: Carolina Dry docks x 20

1m OUT and 1m IN Run

Round of Mary. PAX choice.

  • Tuck called 10 Windshield Wipers (new one for me but great on the obliques)
  • Lorax called 10 Box Cutters

Called time and COT.


  • Not sure if the group was still recovering from the 2-hour CSAUP over the weekend or still recovering from the news that school is now officially out for summer but the mumblechatter was low and the activity was high.


  • Current virtual schedules will remain in place for the next few weeks.
  • Make sure to type “/q virtual” on the “# virtual-1stf” channel to find a workout
  • Keep praying for our leaders and first responders

Sometimes the reboot is just as bad as the original

6 weeks into the solo/social distancing workouts and it was time to bring back the very first virtual WOD from March 17th as a gut check.

DiCCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety)

Mosey .3 miles to the intersection of Avalon and Radcliffe

Warm Up:

  • SSH x 10 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 10 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x 10 IC
  • Calf Stretch

The Thang:

Run the .45ish mile loop around Brutus’s block.  4 corners.  Each corner has an exercise.  Two Loops is equals 1 round.  Goal was to complete 4 rounds.

First Lap:

  • Corner 1: 10 Burpees
  • Corner 2: 10 Wide Arm Merkins
  • Corner 3: 10 Knee Slaps
  • Corner 4: 10 Big Boys Situps

Second Lap:

  • Corner 1: 10 Mike Tysons
  • Corner 2: 20 Single leg Speed Skaters
  • Corner 3: 20 Pistol LBCs (10 each leg)
  • Corner 4: 20 Low Slow Squats

Mosey .3 miles back to start.

Done!  Over 4.5 miles covered today

Legs need love also..

Diccs to include social distance and split into groups for road crossing and instructions on how we will cross the road

Warm up

1/4 mile opening Mosey

circle up

15 Imperial Walkers

10- Low slow squats- very slow

5 – very slow merkins- plank, elbow plank 10 seconds, 5 regular merkins, plank 10 seconds

Right arm high 10 seconds/right leg high 10 seconds/ regular plank 10 seconds/elbow plank 10 seconds

Left arm high 10 seconds/left leg high 10 seconds/regular plank 10 seconds/elbow plank 10 seconds

1/4 mile mosey at end a 25 yard walking lunges and the Mosey to Tuscany Clubhouse

The Thang ( Partner work for some leg toning exercises)

100- Bulgarian Squats using the wall

100- Step ups

50- Lateral Lunges

50- Jump Squats

50- Reverse Lunges

Other partner running up road to the left to the  stop sign for 10 Bomb Jacks and back to relieve your partner

Bear Crawl/Dry Docks – 4 bear crawls and 1 dry dock  — get to 20 bear crawls and 5 bear crawls before heading abck to the GREAT SOUTHSIDE OF THE BRIARS AND THE CREST..

While on the way back we stopped 3 different times for 10 jump squats and 10 bomb jacks

Return to COT with a few minutes to spare — lets try and finish the web.

Bear Crawl/Dry Docks – 24 bear crawls and 6 dry docks — we got to 36 and 9  ugh…….  time up recover..



The young lads are coming out in force and are continuing to push themselves to get out of bed and hang out with a few old dudes. Today the PAX had 13 peeps and another good mix of dudes and chicks, great work by all…The PAX will be moving off site for a field trip tomorrow at 6:30am if anyone wants in we will be taking a tour of Cuthbertson, if in please PM Chicken Little so we can plan properly for group work and separation.


Fool Us Once, Shame on You; Fool Us Twice, Shame on Us

So Wolverine did it again to us.  Another week.  Another trick.  This time Waxhaw Express 2.0 had to run a half marathon relay.  Four 2.5 mile legs and one 3.1 mile leg.

Bottle Cap, Dasher, Deadwood, Easy Button, Glider, and Hollywood did a 2.5 mile section (top four times get counted) and YHC ran the 3.1 mile leg so the team was stuck with whatever my time would be.

We had great averages from the 2.5 guys:

Hollywood: 6:10

Bottlecap: 6:17

Easy Button: 6:36

Glider: 6:37 (I think, not sure his recorded)

Deadwood: 6:37

Dasher: 6:47

Gerber’s 3.1 mile pace: 6:16

Speed Bump came along on the bike for the run part to help pace YHC.

The Afterparty:

  • Mosey from the HS lot to the traffic circle
  • Derkin/Dip Web
  • 1 Derkin / Dips
  • Continue until 10 Derkins / 40 Dips


  • Mosey to Rudy’s Shed
  • Light pole suicides
  • 20 Speed skaters, run to first light for 30 Monkey Humpers
  • 20 Speed skaters, run to second light for 30 Monkey Humpers
  • 20 Speed skaters, run to second light for 30 Monkey Humpers


  • Stay at the Shed
  • 20 Mike Tysons / 20 Donkey Kicks
  • 15 Mike Tysons / 15 Donkey Kicks
  • 10 Mike Tysons / 10 Donkey Kicks
  • 5 Mike Tysons / 5 Donkey Kicks
  • Mosey up path to parking lot


  • Mary for about 5 minutes
  • Pretzel crunches each side
  • V-Ups
  • Dying Cockroach
  • Dolly
  • Flutters with arms above head
  • Have a nice day!


So, all told without any fancy program to average it out for me I’m going to guesstimate our top four 2.5 mile times and the 3.1 mile time combine for a team average around 6:22 for the half marathon which equates to about a 1:23:28 half marathon.  Great job everyone!

I’ve run a lot of 5k races but I’ve never run a 5k and then did a 30 minute workout afterwards.  That’s F3 Waxhaw.  Thanks to Bottle Cap, Easy Button, and Deadwood for leading the 30 minute workout afterwards.

Thanks again Wolverine for getting us out there this week.  Welcome Glider to team stupid Waxhaw Express.

Welcome back Hollywood from his Bottle Cap back injury

Nuclear Remix

Since we had already done Speed Bump Ahead! the day before it was time for a Nuclear Remix from 3/27

DiCCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety)


– 0.25 Mile – Mosey
– 15 x SSH
– 15 x Imperial Walkers
– 15 x Baby Arm Circles front
– 15 x Baby Arm Circles back
– 10 x Mountain Climbers IC
– Calf Stretch
– 10 x Merkins

– 0.4 Mile
– 10 x Burpees
– 20 x Jump Squats
– 30 x Air Presses

– 0.4 Mile
– 10 x Merkins
– 20 x American Hammers (2 is 1)
– 30 x Flutters (2 is 1)

– 04 Mile
– 10 x Big Boy Sit-ups
– 20 x Bear Crawl
– 30 Count x Plank

– 0.4 Mile – Mosey
– 10 x Dry docks
– 20 x Heels to Heaven
– 30 x Monkey Humpers

– 0.4 Mile
– 10 x Burpees
– 20 x Jump Squats
– 30 x Air Presses

– 0.4 Mile
– 10 x Merkins
– 20 x American Hammers (2 is 1)
– 30 x Flutters (2 is 1)

– 04 Mile
– 10 x Big Boy Sit-ups
– 20 x Bear Crawl
– 30 Count x Plank

– 0.4 Mile – Mosey
– 10 x Dry docks
– 20 x Heels to Heaven
– 30 x Monkey Humpers

– 0.4 Mile
– 10 x Burpees
– 20 x Jump Squats
– 30 x Air Presses

– 0.4 Mile
– 10 x Merkins
– 20 x American Hammers (2 is 1)
– 30 x Flutters (2 is 1)
– 30 x LBCs

– 0.2 Mile sprint


Thanks for taking us out Nails