Virtual Swole

Virtual Swole

3 Pax joined together in a Zoom Meeting for the first virtual meeting of Swole.


The Thang:

10 Turkish Get Ups, 5 Each Side

Snatches:  Start with weak hand; 5 snatches every 30 seconds for 2 minutes.  Rest two minutes, switch hands, do the same thing.  Repeato.  Ends up being 80 total snatches.

Rack carries, 4 rounds for 60 seconds.

1 min elbow plank

1 min hollow hold

1 min glute bridge

Virtual COT

Moleskine:  YHC’s first time Qing a virtual workout.  It felt good to wake up before 7 for the first time in a few weeks.  Looking forward to seeing everyone in the Zoom Room over the next few weeks.

Udder was a minute or two late so he had the pleasure of Voodoo and YHC coaching up his form on the last couple TGUs.

A few tips for pax making their first Virtual Q in the near future;

  1. It might take a little while before pax understand how to use Zoom.  Don’t get into the weinke right at 530.
  2. Tabatas work really well in this format.  Pax can demonstrate exercises over video and everyone knows when they should be working/resting.
  3. It will be fun to get music involved someday but it should be all about the work for now.

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9 months ago

Thanks for leading, Mighty MIte. These KB weinkes work well for the virtual 1st F since there’s not much moving around. See everyone Wednesday for Meathead.

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