Classing up the PAX

Classing up the PAX

DICCS- given and reminder of social distancing and be responsible— Zinfandel would be proud of the Chicken today!!

Warm up

10 -low slow squats-15 imperial walkers -plank-elbow plank- mountain climbers-elbow plank and plank

The Thang

Slow Mosey .1o mile- 20 bobby Hurley’s/10 shoulder tab merkins-

Slow Mosey back to COT – 20 bobby Hurleys/10 shoulder tab merkins

Slow Mosey .15 mile – 20 Bobby Hurleys/10 shoulder tab merkins- rinse repeat once more

Now for some NO TOUCH KEEP 6 FEET AWAY partner work

P 1 do exercise at bottom of hill and P 2 run up hill .10 miles and complete 2 burpees then come back down to relieve P1  keep going until exercises completed

50 Mike Tysons, 50 side over merkins, 100 gas pumps, 100 heel to heaven

Slow Mosey through the beautiful well maintained streets LARGE paved streets of the Briars and the Crest before another round of partner work.

P 1 do exercise t top of hill and P r run down hill .10 miles and run back up hill to relive P1

100 Speed skaters and 25 burpees

Mosey back to COT for some last few minutes of sprinting

sprint to mailbox and mosey back to COT backwards – rinse and repeat



It was and is a another great day in the Briars and the Crest, it is almost like the sun shines a little brighter on this side of town verse some other communities who shall remain nameless. The PAX was in a great mood today and put in the work– We also definitely classed up the join some with some pretty faces today – no offense fellows —

We added Andrea Hayes ( mother hen) named for being in the medical field and also has 5 kids,

Laurenne Losier ( puck) who was named after her love for hockey.

Pam Hayes ( the chickens wife… easy boys—— her name is Alice) named her cleaning houses for the elderly.

Last but not least a true F3 er who will be out whenever the PAX reconvenes

Russell Cornelius ( Tiger) who was named after his loved for the Alabama Crimson Tide– ooppsss did we actually name him after Auburn?? oh well.

Keep pushing boys and stay safe and thank you to Ricky Bobby for taking us out.  have a great day


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