50 Burger

50 Burger

9 guys ventured over to the good side of Lawson today and met up at one of our multiple clubhouses. DICC’s given and quick mosey around the hood to get loose.

Warm up

20 x SSH

15 imperial walkers

15 Merkins

20 x Mountain Climbers

Calf stretches

The Thang

Take a long mosey through Lawson and hit the trail that connects to the middle school.  stop along the way for various exercises while keeping the group together (but atleast 6 feet apart)

Once at the school we hit the trail that runs from normal COT down to Transporter shed for a burpee mile.  start with 10 burpees and then do 10 burpees at each end until you complete a mile (50 burpees total)

Mosey back to Lawson Clubhouse for an awful ab webb.  stopping along the way to complete various exercises to keep the group together.

Ab web at the clubhouse.  1 Big Boy, 4 Hammers, 1 merkin,  2 big boys, 8 Hammers, 1 merkin…..you get the idea. all the way up to 10 big boys, 40 hammers, 1 merkin.


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