DICCS- given

Warm up

10- low slow squats

4 – merkins, calve stretch, stretch middle, right and left

Slow mosey 1.25 miles

The Thang

After a nice easy stroll down the LARGE PAVED roads Briarcrest while also keeping the group at a safe distance from each other it was time for the THANG

Start at the top of Briarcrest – 10 mike Tysons, 10 Big Boy sit ups, 20 pistol LBCS ( 10 right , 10 left) then mosey down to stop sign for 10 bomb jacks before moseying down to left hand cul-de- for another round of 10 mike Tysons, 10 big boys and 20 pistol LBCS – RINSE REPEAT 3 times and add another round of same on a shorter road due to time. Mosey back to COT the last minute and complete as many burpees as possible.

80- Mike Tysons

80- Big Boys

160- pistol LBCS

80- Bomb Jacks

3.70 miles


Today Schneider, Chastain and I wanted to show the group since they are new a ignition based workout and I think we did. The group today got some mileage while also sprinkling in some good ole favorites like Mike Tysons and bomb jacks. I know we are not following the format of virtual weinke’s but we are pushing ourselves just as hard and trying to recruit some new blood for when the sites get reopened. We are FOLLOWING social distancing rules and ensuring safety guidelines are being followed at all times.. You did not hear it from me but I overheard a few PAXS speaking about a Octuplet !!!  I appreciate each and everyone of you guys for the push, playing, and holding us accountable via groupme during these crazy times. It would be very easy for some or all of us to crawl in a hole and get in a dark place and not post during these unprecedented times— but the comic relief, consistent banter back and forth and  the peer pressure to post somewhere is helping us all, at least me.. KEEP IT UP BOYS…..  HAVE A GREAT VIRUS FREE DAY

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