Skunkworks: 03/24/020

Skunkworks: 03/24/020


YHC had the keys to Skunkworks tomorrow … and you know the drill by now.

Here is the planned workout for tomorrow.  This workout is designed to support OYO work at home or in small groups (with the proper precautions in place).  YHC will be at the Arbo ABC parking lot at 0530 running through this workout.  If anyone would like to stand 6 feet away and try it, I would welcome the company.  The planned playlist link is posted as well.  Enjoy.

Warm-up is OYO, but dedicate about 5 – 7 minutes to get the blood flowing.  Recommended:  Side Straddle Hops, quick run around the block/parking lot, 10 – 20 merkins, basic legs and shoulder rotation stretching (arm circles, alternating toe touches).  Do not over exert yourself just get the blood flowing and heart rate slightly elevated.  As always modify reps, be cognizant of your form, and stop if you feel something isn’t right.

The Thang:

25 two handed swings

10 2 handed Over-Head presses

10 goblet or sumo squats

Flutter presses:  10 chest presses with the bell while doing 20 total flutters. Each chest press = 1 right and 1 left flutter

10 yard bear crawl (5 yards out and 5 yards back)

20 yard suitcase carry with bell (10 yards out and 10 yards back) switch hands halfway and move As Fast As Possible without running

10 two handed forearm curls.  grip the top of the bell handle and curl up.  You’ll feel it in the forearms

20 lawnmowers (10 each side, for an extra challenge rotate your wrist so it’s facing out)

20 lunges (bell optional depending on balance, etc. 10 each leg = 20 total)

50 one handed swings (alternate between each swing or 25 left and 25 right)

30 seconds of rest  Rinse and repeat up to 45 minutes.


Report back with the number of rounds you completed and I’ll add it to the backblast.

Here’s your playlist:

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9 months ago

I was on the fence but I’m IN after listening to the last song in your playlist!

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