• When:03/20/2020
  • QIC: Mermaid


Happened to be parked at Amelie’s at 0600. 4 men, coincidentally, did as well. I offered to lead them in 45 minutes of hard work, and, coincidentally, they all said yes, please, kind sir.

Pax: Didn’t catch their names.

Men who were not there: Lorax, Brilleaux, Hops, CHEESE CURD, Chelms

We ran to Palantine and did a Triple Nickel. Merkins at top, Burpees at bottom.

Mary when done. Run over to the high school across 51 over to the benches surrounding the school seal.

10 Step Up/10 Dip/10 Derkin x 5

Mosey over to the parking deck. Run up stairwell 1. 15 x called exercises (2). Run to Stairwell 2 and descend to ground. 15 x called exercises (2). Repeat 2 more times with Mary/Plank exercises between rounds.

  1. Jump Squat/Heels to Heaven—Merkin/Calf Raise
  2. Crucible Merkin/Dolly—Calf Raise x 30
  3. Pax call: Plank Jack/Forget—Romanian Dead Lift (Bird Pickers?)/Forget

Mosey back across the street. Man #6 was there. He did 5 Burpees OYO. Finished.

Social distancing was maintained, of course. Good to coincidentally run into some like-minded men and get some work done. Be well all.

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