Fear is a liar

Fear is a liar

I didn’t want the pax of Waxhaw to have all the fun in posting backblasts, so here’s a backblast of a workout that looked and felt a lot like F3, but it wasn’t.  However, it might have had the following components:

  • free of charge
  • open to all men (not true – I didn’t invite Gloss, Jet Fuel, Purple Haze and many others)
  • it was held outdoors, with rain, no shine, and it was kind of warm…nevertheless, Hammer still wore a thick cotton hoody and he disappeared with about 8 minutes to go.  And all is right with the world.
  • it was, indeed, led by a man who participated in the workout with absolutely no training or certification
  • it also ended with a Circle of Trust…actually it was more of a Trapezoid of Trust

Anyhoo, 11 pax gathered under the dark, hazy gloom of the streets of Wessex in order to “stay connected & reach out to those around us”.

We toured the cul-de-sacs of Wessex Square in northern Area 51.  Too bad Curd’s house wasn’t decorated for St. Patrick’s Day.  And Leprechaun was still bemoaning that Covid-19 stole his St. Patty’s Day Q out from under him.

Reasonably sure Puddin’s hands never touched the ground, nor did his six.  Keep pushing, brother!  The other members of Trifusenik were not doing the called exercises in someone’s garage or driveway or somewhere in Metro.

Mermaid parked in front of YHC’s house, and while the downpainment did not end in that particular cul-de-sac, he thought it did.  After fetching his water, he eventually caught up with the pax for some burpees prior to the Trapezoid of Trust and some announcements.  Hammer had already left, unbeknownst to YHC.  Last I noticed him, he was walking on the sidewalk towards the launch point with his hoodie off but hanging off his bald noggin.

Speaking of bald noggins – Curd did a sadclown pre-run of 3’ish miles.  T-claps.

Clover, also bummed about no St. Patty’s Day workouts, drove a long way for this opportunity to stay connected.  He, too, parked on YHC’s street but was driving someone else’s vehicle.  Don’t ask.

Cottonmouth was LIFO, arriving from F3Waxhaw or F3SOB land in his monster truck.   He jumped right into line with the pax and said something about shooting the Coronavirus in the face on his way in.  Much obliged.

Apparently, Lockdown was FNG earlier in the week, before the F3 moratorium on workouts, I’m sure.  He kept up well and is sure to be an Area51 stalwart.  I think he’s Marge’s neighbor?  But I might have made that up?  Marge was there, too and was out front with Curd all morning.  I did not, however, hear him exclaim his customary Clemson greetings and niceties with Hammer.

The sole proprietor of the #Brewery was also in attendance, and got after it ably.  Puddin’ kept asking him how to pronounce Coronavirus in Canadian.  Weird.

As for what we did, I can’t really remember other than we did some AYG runs, some merkin variations, some Mary & various planks, and some squats and such.  No SSH’s or Plankjack’s, of course.

We did go about 3.3 miles.  Apologies for running afoul of Boot camp guidelines.  Don’t know what the heck got into me.

We should stay connected and reach out to those around us again soon.

Here’s a cool song entitled “Fear is a Liar”.  You should listen to it:



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Cheese Curd
8 months ago

Nice Q Hops, thanks for arranging this group of men to do some random exercises this gloom. Ran into Voodoo, OT and Wild Turkey on the prerun. Good to see so many getting after it. I am kinda of curious why we are all pretending at this point and when we either just go back to normal schedules or completely stop….either way, glad we have some options. I think Hammer may have been sick…who else shows up with a hoodie and wears it in 65 degree weather….keep an eye on him! Great seeing all of you this am.

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