Something For Everyone

Something For Everyone

Cannot remember the last time YHC had Q’d (or written a backblast) so when Bottlecap asked, no problem. Asked him to promote it as 2.0 Friendly as Gronk needs the work and Bean loves when she is able to join. The 2.0 came out in force, we had 11 (4 FNG!) and 10 Pax.

The Thang

Mosey off towards the shed and stop by the softball field for COP:

SSH, Imperial Walkers, things like that – don’t remember exactly it was 4 days ago

Next up was burpee run to the traffic circle, stop for 5 burpees at every light pole along the way.

Some Mary while waiting on the Six.

Next up the main event, a circuit consisting of 10 Dips at the benches behind the school, then 10 Airpresses/Merkins back at the circle, then onto the bottom of the hill by the baseball field for WW2 situps and jump squats. Back to the top for 9….8…7 you get the idea.

Continue with this for 30 minutes, if I got a redo the Airpresses would have been something else. Maybe you’ll see something similar at Ignition on April 13.

Circle up for some more Mary and then begin our trek back to the launch, a stop at the shed for wall sits with airpresses. Mosey back to where we did COP for burpees/merkins, one more stop for something that I can remember then jailbreak to the launch.

We had 2 minutes left so sprint to stop sign and back /done.


This workout was a lot of fun with all the 2.0s. The challenge was coming up with something challenging enough for the PAX but yet easy enough for the 2.0 to do. Pretty sure mission accomplished – Transporter logged 4 miles and my six year old daughter Bean had about 2.

Welcome to the 4 FNG

Bionic (Frack 2.0)

BooBoo (Teddy 2.0)

Player 1 (Glidah 2.0)

Ekans (Glidah 2.0)


Stay safe out there and don’t catch the virus

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