Altered Mini Murph – Pandemic Special

Altered Mini Murph – Pandemic Special

16 decided to brave the pandemic with a slight brisk feeling in the air.    As this was the actual first week day with no school happening in the state and an actual “state of emergency”, still 42 fearless PAX made it out this morning to get an early morning workout in.   Not fully thinking through how the Coronavirus could affect an outdoor workout, I could have really planned differently.   In an effort to have PAX prepare for the upcoming Murph challenge, I was not really thinking when suggesting everyone hit the pullup bar.   Depending on how long this all goes on, I will know better next time.

DICCs provided

The Thang

Head to the front of HS – Plank stretch, Merkins, JDs

Now mosey down to lower track entrance

Mini Murph – Total 11 – 400s between each lap 5 pull-ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats (apparently some modification around touching the pull up bar)  this is My Bad

Head to lower field only to AUDIBLE so to avoid touching a bench or large tire.

Back to the high school driveway doing 25 Carolina dry docks at each of the six lights.

Mary while waiting on the six.

Next hit the hill in front of high school. 15 merkins at bottom(diamond, wide and regular) with 5 burpees at the top.

Run back to the start.



Times just seem weird as I could have prepared much better as to how this pandemic could and did affect the workout. And for that, I apologize.

The normal men upfront continued their push to maintain that spot while the rest of us kept pace and worked really hard.

With such a big group this morning,  it just makes it too hard to call out this morning’s swoles who conquered.



Recalc discussed food collection effort, please hit him up or see GM.

GF discussed safety and thought as it relates to working out as it relates to our nation’s pandemic and just general rules to follow keeping everyone safe.

Schneider did a great job taking us out.

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