Preparing Our Bodies for Spring, One Merkin (curb touch) at a Time

Preparing Our Bodies for Spring, One Merkin (curb touch) at a Time

I was a little nervous doing the Q today after having a Shingles vaccine less than 48 hours prior and having some side effects
with a pretty sore shoulder, but figured I would deal with it and pull back if needed.  I actually felt pretty good and was determined
to provide a challenging meeting for the fine gentlemen showing up.

The Warm Up

Mosey halfway to the bridge and then back to the circle.

20 side straddle hops
20 merkins (little did everyone know, there would be some good merkins to come later 🙂 )
Calf stretches
20 imperial walkers

The Thang

Since, Popeye had already made a pitstop at the port a john to pee, I figured let’s lunge to the next port a john, to make sure know
one else had to go before we really got into it.  No takers, so we were ready.

Mosey to the rock pile and partner up with  a medium weight boulder.  I was impressed at how heavy some of the rocks folks chose,
prior to knowing the reps.

Partner one runs to the corner and back.
Partner two starts the reps and alternates:
200 Triceps
200 Curls
200 Overhead presses

Mosey up towards the school for some on your six work.
25 Big Boys
20 V-Ups
25 Heals to Heaven
25 Flutters

Here is where the fun begin.  Mosey to the parking lot and find a curb.  This next part had the most complaining, I am not sure why it
was very enjoyable :).

50 merkins with a hand touch for each hand on the curb for each merkin
Run to the other end of the parking lot for 1 burpee and back
Repeat for 30 merkins/2 burpees and 10 merkins / 3 burpees.

50 squats run to the other side 1 burpee
Repeat for 30 squats / 2 burpees and 10 squats / 3 burpees

Mosey over to the curb on the side of the benches/swings
Partner up with one partner doing 10 pullups
Partner two starts doing crawl bears (reverse bear crawls) and keeps going until partner one relieves them.
This was repeated until 5 rounds of 10 pullups.  The further out the crawl bears went away from the pullup area, the more
mosey was involved.

Line up on the curb  and do 100 calf raises.

Mosey back to the COT.

The Moleskine

I have to say the time seemed to go pretty quick and I was disappointed that we were not able to do a few more exercises.  There was
so much complaining about the merkins and hand tap on the curb that it gives me a few other ideas of how we can have more fun
in the future.

The guys were great today with everyone helping each other to make it through.

Being one of the older Q’s I always want to make sure I am able to challenge these fine professional athletes.  Thank you for allowing me
to lead you today.


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