What’s the Arabic translation for “spilling merlot”?

What’s the Arabic translation for “spilling merlot”?

The pax mustered minus 3 pax who will not remain nameless due to their HC earlier in the week: Bulldog, Busch & Good Hands.

Nonetheless, after an anemic disclaimer despite the presence of an FNG #cobains, 12 pax launched in to the Friday morning Kevlar gloom.  Wormwood (LIFO) came in squealing on 2 wheels and caught up with us.  His parking job was atrocious.

Fist bumps still abounded, some gloved, some not.  I think the fist bump is coronavirus compliant?

Anyhoo, here’s sort of what we did and how it was flavored.  In other words, here’s the Moleskinny Thang:

Run over to the far side of the church for COP.  Our FNG “Chunk” joined us at this point.  Quite impressive really that he a.) found us and b.) even drove around looking.  Did No Regerts tell you we start promptly at 0530?  Chunk did ably for an FNG despite spilling merlot on a couple occasions.

Nanners posted for the 3rd or 4th? time this week.  He’s sort of getting the hang of this F3 thing.  He also came up with our FNG’s name.  Not as golden as when he came up with “Country Livin'” many moons ago at Kevlar, but still a good effort.  Much obliged, Bananas.

We did some long runs, rock work, triple nickel on the parking lot hill, burpee broad jumps, etc, etc

Gusto & Crypto were pushing hard.  Good to meet you, fellas.

Madison was getting after it as well, perhaps partially recovering from last night’s HH activities at Mac’s.

Whip is in better shape than all of us even after Coronavirus-like lung and immune system issues for the last year.  T-claps, brother — glad you’re getting back to full speed, which is 2X the speed of the rest of us.

Spackler was ruing the fact that he did not stay in the fartsack…said as much 3 minutes into COP. The “Titos-infused one” is a master of FEBA (look that one up in the F3Nation Lexicon).

So can’t really remember all of what we did as I was constructing the Weinke as we went….of course!  If you can’t do that – you haven’t Q’d enough.

When we got over to the high school building for some People’s Chair and BTW’s, I corrected and said it should be BsTW.  That’s when Manziel, who was right next to me, said – It is actually BallTW for me as he is a testicular cancer survivor.  T-claps, brother.  And also T-claps for pouring yourself into the tutoring at Billingsville Elementary every week (Tuesday’s at 4:30pm, men – see Manziel for more info).

Horsehead was adding his unique brand of commentary throughout.  One sample from this morning: “South Carolina is going to shoot the coronavirus in the face!”

Hope I didn’t disappoint, Faultline – he’s a runner, and we barely went over 2 miles.  #cobains  The pax got more/less what they paid for.  Tis always the case.

Now on a somewhat serious note.  I’ve been a bit too dismissive of all this coronavirus fear, anxiety, overreaction (in some areas).  But since I’ve been accused of being one of the F3 chaplains, I will offer a few quick thoughts:

  •  Care and concern for physical well-being is both wise and called for.  Just be careful your concern is not just for yourself and those closest to you.
  • For those who do/might/want to look at this from a Biblical standpoint:  Do you know what the most oft-repeated phrase is in the Bible?   Answer: “do not fear/don’t be afraid” (and #2 is not even close).  Why do you think that is?  I suggest it is because the God of the universe knew we would all be very prone to fear, anxiety and worry about lots of things.  And He knows we are inclined to place our trust in something or someone other than Him.
  • Here’s a link to a letter from C.S. Lewis (70+ years ago) suggesting how folks should approach/live in that era of threat/fear of the “atomic bomb”.  Interestingly, he even likens it to fear of a “microbe”.

I am thankful for you men.  God gives us others, including the fellowship of F3, to remind each other of the truth.  Fear is a liar, and it is not from God.

Be cautious.  Be well.  Be prayerful that those who are far from God will be brought near during this crisis.  And be prayerful that those that claim to be near God will be reminded of his truths.


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1 year ago

Rather have FEBA than a FUPA. Am I right?

1 year ago

Well said Hops. Good reminders in there. Thanks

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