What’s on your list?

What’s on your list?

Posted on behalf of the Social-Medialess Yeti

Perfect gloom on Friday the 13th as 5 consistent and seasoned veterans Joust gathered for this week’s downpainment courtesy of Yeti. Thankfully the magic box was closed but here’s what went down:

SSH x 15 IC (Gummy and Hops – YHC actually did these since the PAX was small in number)

IW x 15 IC

Mosey to the plush Charlotte Christian track

45 seconds each of 3 called exercises in succession (Freddy Mercury, Flutter, and LBCs.  Repeat in reverse (LBCs, Flutter, Freddy Mercury)

Partner up for some track work.

Partners run in opposite directions around the track and meet on the other side for 14 fakey handslap merkins.  Repeat for 4 rounds or 2 full laps.

Recover with another round of 45 second abs in succession (Freddy Mercury, Flutter, and LBCs

Partners run in opposite directions around the track and meet on the other side for plank-n-hops. Partner 1 holds plank, Partner 2 does side hops over legs of Partner 1. After 10 hops, Partner 1 drops to 6”, Partner 2 does 10 more hops. Repeat for 4 rounds or 2 full laps.

History lesson time as Yeti tossed out some knowledge about the discovery of Uranus in the 1700s and Pluto (is it a star or a planet).  YHC was not paying super-close attention but the correlation was the number 17 for Uranus, 9 for Pluto. PAX lined up abreast on the sideline.

17 Monkey Humpers

17 CCDs

17 dips

9 Burpee Broad Jumps

9 Manmakers

Bear Crawl the remaining length to the other sideline (#crowdpleaser)

Line up on the 50 and reassemble the partners.

Partner 1 does an inchworm towards the goal line. Partner 2 runs to the goal line and back to Partner 1.

Flapjack to the 5-yard line, then both partners finish with the inchworm.

Same format from the goal line to the 50, exercise was the Lunge Walk.

Mosey back to the track for some stairs.

Partner 1 snakes up and down through the bleachers, stops for 5 pull-ups at the top, then returns back to the track.

Partner 2 does called exercise.

2 rounds – 1) People’s Chair with Air Presses, 2) Dips

Mosey back to the launch for COT


Smokey was sorely disappointed that the frisbee would stay in the trunk today.

There was lots of banter at the start about our different shopping lists (Slumdog was the winner here with diapers, ribeye steaks and wine), sold out TP, cancelled trips, extended school breaks, etc.

Yeti definitely brought the pain with a well thought out plan that kept the PAX moving the entire 45 minutes and it was great to get out and sweat a little.

Smokey, Yeti and Red Card were the leaders in the clubhouse for all events.  YHC and Slumdog wisely partnered up and kept a solid pace for the duration.

Not so much mumblechatter during the workout (too much heavy breathing) and truly a great way to start the weekend.

Announcements:  be leaders in the community by spreading encouragement and service, versus fear.

Thanks to Yeti for the Q and Slumdog for the strong closing prayer.

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11 months ago

smh Ductwork. If you can’t be faithful to the no-SSH thing in small groups or when nobody is watching, how can you be trusted with more responsibility? The health of your plantar fascia comes before any feeling of judgement from Yeti.

11 months ago

but you were the Q….why would you call SSH? Ugh.
when are we going to rename Smokey to Pluto Platter?

Reply to  Hops
11 months ago

site Q that is…

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