Nothing Clever – Just Showing Up

Nothing Clever – Just Showing Up

Nine men showed up to be lead by YHC at the Arsenal.  It’s not Spring yet, but it was a great morning to greet the gloom.

The Thang

We start with a mosey into the darkness.  About a minute in, I suddenly realize I forgot to pick up the gear by my car.  We do a 180 and run back to grab a medicine ball and backpack of goodies.  I’m pretty sure nobody noticed that as we casually resume our mosey to the field.

Circle Up and Loosen Up

  • Abe Vigoda (IC) I’d like to know how many Pax even know who this is.
  • Hip Circles (not IC!)
  • Whatcha call it: start in a plank, bring left foot forward to hands, raise left arm up to sky, then twist bring it down across, x5 (oyo)
  • Keeping feet in same relative placement, stand, transition weight to back leg (right) into cossack squat
  • Feet in same position, transition from Cossack into Lunge moving weight to front foot while raising arms (aka sun worshiper), repeat x5 (oyo)
  • Return to plank, rinse and repeat with right foot forward, cossack, etc x5 (oyo)

Team up in Pairs

Taking advantage of the soft ground (not too soggy):
   A. Two pairs stand 10ft+ apart, each tossing a 20lb medicine ball or slam ball, while
   B. The rest traverse field alternating Lunges (x10) & Carolina Dry Docks (x5) – make that half the field (run back and trade places with A group)

   A. Change ball, continue tossing larger black ball  (one Pax notes he prefers the large black one — trigger involuntary ab exercises)
   B. The rest traverse field alternating Standing Forward Jump (x10) & Squat (x5), for half the field (run back and trade places with A group)

Mosey to the Steep Hill (aka Devil’s Crack)

Still in pairs, partners now work separately, alternating A/B exercises
   A. hold plank at bottom of hill
   B. sprint to top, 5-10 merkins, return
Repeat for 3 rounds

Mosey to Playground – Time For Fun

Soft Pretzel demonstrates his mind-reading skills by getting into a Hollow Body position before I get a chance to read off my weinke that everyone can get into a hollow body position while I stall for time and setup some bands on the monkey bars.

Split into 3 groups, perform a circuit:
 A. pull up – band-assisted as needed (AMRAP)
B. low band at ankle height, one-arm cross-body twist reaching high (AMRAP)
C. mosey one lap around playground running sideways 1/2 each side (what was the name again?!)

I hoped to squeeze in another circuit with shoulder work but time ran short.  Will recycle those next time.


(Opps, sorry – remind me on Slack and I’ll add here).

After Thoughts

I think I counted in cadence without embarrassment, and the PAX handled my complex rotations with ease.  I had a lot less time than I wanted to prepare, but we didn’t go off weinke either.  Overall, we got it done and I hope gave everyone a good start on their virus-laden, cancel-everything and go-home, day.  Stay healthy & fear not – this too shall pass.

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