Up the River / Down the River

Up the River / Down the River

Warmup 20ea



Leg stretch

Mountain climbers

Calf stretch


Moroccan night club

Mosey to collect coupons

The thang: 10 reps each timed for 10 min with recovery mosey between rounds

Cumulative/ “days of Christmas” style with short hot lap between

Round 1: top to bottom

Round 2: bottom to top

  • Hop over coupon
  • Squat bent over row
  • Squat thruster
  • Coupon flutter press
  • Lunge
  • Romanian deadlift with curl
  • Merkin side to side

Bonus: AMRAP w/o running x 8 min till …



Quite a showing from a greater than 50% respect crowd. Everyone pushed hard and worked up a great sweat despite low mileage. Who needs the mileage anyway, right @fusebox? And since the backblast is coming out day after, I can attest that the legs are feeling the benefit of those weighted deadlifts.

COT (kneeling no – man- touch shield kick prayer)

Prayers for death of a neighbor in Lawson

Folding party at Christ Closet Thurs

DM YHC if you haven’t Q’d in March and want a 3/30 q at Asylum

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