The Circle Trifecta

The Circle Trifecta

This is my second backblast so here we goooo….

After DCCs, fast mosey to front of parking lot by the high school. We did warmup exercises and stretches before doing a merkin circle with a combined 200 merkins total. While one person did a push-up, everyone else planked. Then the person next to his right did a push-up and this repeated up to 200. Then we moseyed to the globe and on the way we alternated 25 LBCs and 50 American hammers at each streetlight. Then from the globe we moseyed to the back of the high school and did a burpee circle to 150 (similar to a merkin circle). While waiting for each person to finished his burpee, the surrounding people sprint in place (fast feet). From there we moseyed to the wall alcove by the middle school and attempted to do a balls to the wall circle (KEY WORD: ATTEMPTED). Evidently very few people can count while upside down….


Then we recovered by doing 50 wall sit jabs. Afterwards, we moseyed to the covered eating area behind the middle school and did 50 dips, a hot lap, regroup, 50 step ups, a hot lap, regroup, 25 derkins and 25 irkens, and a hot lap (all on your own). Then we moseyed back to middle school alcove. Back to the SCENE OF THE CRIME… here we did our third circle. Donkey kick circle! After 100 kicks (we planked as we waited), we moseyed back to the globe. From there we did an Indian run back to COT where we did merry for the remaining two minutes!



Sign up for a workout if you have not done one this month!

Sign up for speed for need (family friendly)…. code is in news channel.

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