2 Man 9 Hole Scamble at Bushwood CC

2 Man 9 Hole Scamble at Bushwood CC

2 Man 9 Hole Scramble at Bushwood CC

15 Pax rose early this beautiful morning with hopes of enjoying a casual round of golf at Bushwood CC.  They would soon realize the 2 man scramble they signed up for would have them screaming FORE!!

Warm Up:
Mosey lap around to front entrance of school parking lot and circled up
  • 20 Imperial Walkers in Cadence
  • 20 Low Slow Squats in Cadence
  • 20 Mountain Climbers in Cadence
  • 20 Merkins
The Thang:
1/2 mile run around Marvin Creek finishing at the front parking lot of Bushwood CC. A quick tutorial of the key fundamentals of a golf swing was shared with the Pax.  As a result a heavy focus on shoulders and core would set the tone for the 2 man scramble!
Pax Partnered up! 9 holes (at each street lamp) with 100 of each of the following exercises listed below. 1 partner began the exercise at hole 1 while the other partner ran the 9 hole course and then switched. Each 2 man team moved together thru each hole.
Dry Docks
Freddy Mercuries
Mike Tyson’s
Heels to heaven
Bobby Hurleys
American Hammers
Great work today gents and hopefully the Q didn’t let any of you down, Mike Tyson’s at hole 5 was no bueno for any of the Pax but everyone finished the hole with a birdie and moved on! We unfortunately ran off the cart part after hole #8 and did not get to finish the 9th hole but did get to enjoy a musical mix of Bob Marley, Scorpions, and some Cody Jinks as is expected at Bushwood!!

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