The Red Pill

The Red Pill

AYE. 8, err, 9? 7 maybe. There were some counting problems (most likely due to O2 deprivation), so let’s just go with 7 and start again from the top.

AYE. 7 men gathered in the cool, crisp Gloom for the weekly Matrix Red Pill. YHC recalls the days when Matrix would have 20+ Pax but in times like these, we’ll take anything more than 3, and more than 3 we got. Here’s what we did:

Mosey to lower parking lot
Begin to do warmup with SSH and Low Slow Squat but then we smelled a skunk
Or, perhaps, a 52 year old fart from O Tannenbaum. It’s not entirely clear.
Either way, we had to get out of there before someone got hurt.

Mosey back up to the launchpoint

Station 1
8 x Pullups
8 x Exploding Merkins
8 x Lunge+Jumpsquat
Repeat at 10 and 12 counts

Run to entrance of the school
8 x Burpees
8 x Heels to Heaven (head cadence)
8 x Peter Parkers (head cadence)
Repeat at 10 and 12 counts

Repeat 3x

Close out with 10 burpees to get to an even 100

Strong crowd today but, unfortunately, constant counting kept the mumblechatter at a minimum. That was an feature, not a bug, because YHC knows well that where mumblechatter is present, YHC is more often than not the target. Actually, YHC is more often than not the instigator, but either way, mumblechatter is antithetical to #smokefest workouts.

YHC was pleased to see some long-lost faces at The Matrix, most notably Gypsy, Christmas and Madison. YHC was also pleased to see O Tannenbaum posting a sub-5:30 – and no, I’m not talking about his mile times.

Thanks to our perennially-injured nantan of The Matrix, PopTart #tart, for asking me to Q – once on Slack, once over email, twice over text, three times over phone calls and, finally, with a handwritten letter.


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11 months ago

Good ole’ fashion Matrix beatdown..

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