Oh Hill’s Yeah!

Oh Hill’s Yeah!

So many workout titles to choose from.  Two Wolfpack ACC championships yesterday (Women’s Basketball and Wrestling -or raslin’ for us back woods folks) coupled with a full moon had “Howling at the Moon” as a close second title.  Another consideration was “Why the hell did I sign up to Q a 5:15 workout the day after Daylight Savings Time”; but alas the title was too long.

10 Brave souls showed up having already won the hardest battle of the day with their pillow.    Diccs given, and quick heads up that we will be hitting four unique hills and we will knock out the first one with our opening mosey.  A perfect number 9 for what I had planned.  We head out on our opening Mosey and, damn it Chastain!  Rolling in late and screwing up my perfect number.  Oh well, lets keep going.  He’s a Gazelle, he will catch us.


Mosey towards Hickory Tavern, left towards 84, left back towards Chick Fil A so that we can take full advantage of the hill heading towards Wesley Oaks.  Peel off at the last minute to the back of the Target parking lot.  Circle up – I join the circle.  Chastain keeps trying to keep me in the middle and I explain I’m going to be part of the circle on purpose.  Posse doesn’t get the explanation (or doesn’t care) and proceeds to continue to get behind me to ensure I’m in the circle.  I back up and Posse is right on my 6.  Ok, this is just getting weird.

Deconstructed Burpees.  Starting at 10 then passing them off (9, 8, 7…) until we get to 1 rep.  So here we go….10 Squats, 10 Merkins, 10 In/outs, and finally 10 Bobby Hurley’s.  Chastain for 9, ect…    At around the 6 mark I realized this was taking longer than expected.  I had a long winkie and with each passing tick of the clock it was getting cut off (ouch).  I had a thought of cutting it short, but my heart rate was high and I was reminded of what a great opening warm up this is so we kept going.  Finished on Posse’s 1 deconstructed burpee in which he fought the temptation of just calling out a burpee and kept the deconstructed party going.



Mosey to our second hill in Wesley Oaks.  Berishnicoffs right leg on the bottom of the hill, run backwards up the hill, berishnicoffs left leg on the top of the hill, and run back down.  Repeat for five 3 times due to time.  Legs are burning now, lets go run some more!

At the bottom of that hill, take a left and head down to the cul de sac.  Due to time, I changed the count to 20 merkins at bottom, run up the hill and 20 merkins at the top.  I had planned for 10 and 10 for 3 rounds, but again time was limited.  When your finished find the 6 and get them up the hill.  Group stayed together so no 6 pushin’ needed.

Fourth Hill – we are at it.  No need to mosey to it.  Split the group in half – 5 and 5.  (This is where the original perfect number came into play of three groups of three).  Light pole suicides.  10 dry docks at the light poles.  Two rounds of 10 rep Galley’s at the start.  Lots of confused looks on this one so I demonstrated.  Its basically a row with two guys holding you up – or in this case three guys holding two.  Two rounds so that at least 4 guys row each trip up….ok enough explaining, lets go.  Down to first light pole and back up.  Wait, we only have 4.  Damn it Nails!  Get over here.  Ok, smooth sailing from here on out.  Wait, that third light sure is awfully far away.  Nails to the rescue….”Guys, there’s a pole here, the light is just burnt out”.   Good recovery sir.  You are welcomed back with open arms after that save.  Our time was quickly running out.  After our 4th light pole and galley’s, I told my group to mary while we waited on the other group to get in.  Having asked Posse to lead Mary, I let him get two reps into American Hammers before jumping up and proclaiming “This sucks, lets go”.  This left most in my group stunned.  As I turn around at the bottom of the hill, I’m not sure whether I will be greeted by pax or by nothing.  (I mean lets be honest, I was just a complete ass to Posse even though I didn’t intend it to come out that way – see Moleskin for apology).  To my surprise, we have a slow trickle of pax behind me.  I start to hold Al Gore waiting on them to arrive and then we “take the hill” once more just as the second group is finishing Galley’s.

4 minutes left….need to kill time….looks like I’m going to have to break a promise.  I said 4 unique hills.  Looks like it will be 5 hills with only 4 being unique….to the short second hill.   10 Crawl Bears and 20 reverse lunge walks.  After two rounds changed the third round count to 20 crawl bears and 10 reverse lunge walks.  Recover to the top of the hill.

Gazelles on the fence (Damn, did Nails just line up with the Gazelles…hell yeah brother), Clydesdales 15 yard head start.  Jailbreak to the start.  At least one gazelle must beat a clydesdale and at least one clydesdale must beat a gazelle (thank god for Big Tuna).   Reach Cot just in time and all breathing heavy.



  • Thanks to those that joined this morning.  5:15 after losing an hour of sleep isn’t easy.
  • I EH’ed a guy on Saturday to come today.  I felt like his “yeah, I will come” wasn’t strong enough so I tightened the grip of that headlock on Sunday evening with a text.  I was glad to see him out there this morning.  He’s a good dude whose travel schedule keeps him away from us most weekdays.
  • Pax found out Zin and I have something in common this morning.  We both vote Republican.  Deadwood is our best friend.  We both hate Mary.
    • Apologies to Posse for cutting his Am Ham’s short.  I could feel the heart rate coming down and thought we could use out time more wisely.  Like most things I do, I have good intentions behind them….they just don’t always come out the best way.  I felt the public apology was necessary because we all know Posse likes to bottle up his emotions and carry grudges.  (I’m still looking over my shoulder expecting a club to the knee for choosing the site name “Chiseled” over “Not Today Satan”)  All jokes aside, I didn’t mean to come off as an ass today and if you felt I did, my bad.
  • Chipotle and Floppy Disk still playing tricks on Asylum pax minds.  Several pax have referred to Floppy as Chipolte the past few weeks.  It hasn’t helped that neither of those guys decide to show up on the same day which only strengthens the myth that they are in fact one in the same guy.
  • Thank you Big Tuna for the all out sprint at the end.  Chastain and Swimmers were coming hard after you and you were able to keep them at bay.
  • Shop with another strong effort today.  For those that haven’t worked out with him in the last couple weeks, he has found another gear.  Actually, he and Posse both have.  I’ve accused both of them of having rockets shoved….well, never mind.
  • Ackbar was quiet today.  Perhaps it was the stagecoach robbery mask drowning out the preacher cuss words towards me or perhaps he was day dreaming of catching another driver passing a school bus and starting another $**t storm on “Whats up Waxhaw”.  Either way, its always great having him out.
  • Mentioned it COT today that a Briarcrest family lost their teenage son over the weekend.  Another unfortunate reminder of how precious life is and how quickly it can be taken away.  Prayers to his family during this very difficult time.
  • We failed at COT to protect against the Coronivirus.  Perhaps we can do better tomorrow.  Habits die hard I guess.


Christ Closet folding party this Thursday.  See Third F guys for times/locations (I think its 7:30 at Ackbar’s church but I may be wrong).

Another Q source starting up on Fridays at McDonalds in Curenton.  First launch will be first Friday in May (May 1).

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