Wash those windows, they have filth muck on them.

Wash those windows, they have filth muck on them.

Trying to keep the Area 51, non-Waxhaw division, backblast streak alive.

15 of us gathered in a church parking lot this morning. Although outnumbered by the group selling pine needles in the hinterlands of the parking lot, we attacked the morning after a solid disclaimer, which included me bragging about my pregame routine. #solid

Off we go, quick tour up the North Face just to get the complaining started. Then we started across the front field – OMG, the whining. There was some water in the grass. People didn’t have the right shoes or gloves or something. So we turned around and took the dry route. Up to 51, right to Carrington for a quick warmup in their pool parking lot. Then on to Davie Park. Run to the second lightpost, 5 burpees, back one lightpost for 10 jump squats. 2 lightposts, 5 burpees, back one – you get the idea. Assemble at the end near the dog park. Who takes their dog to the park at 7:15 am? I don’t trust them. It’s either drugs (supported by the open trunk on the unattended car in the parking lot) or a secret romantic interlude. It’s like the two cars that came into the church at Hydra at 5:45 for “Bible Study”. Sure. Anyway, we did some partner laps there. Then went to the hill behind the building there for a triple nickle. So much more complaining about the mud. Then back to the gate at the front, stopping at every light post for 5 burpees. There was Mary mixed in between all that stuff for recovery. AYG to Rea/51. Then across Rea to the rock pile. More partner laps near there, then back to the cars. We quit at 7:59. Deal with it. 4 miles and at least 50 burpees so I think you got your money’s worth.

Fun crew this morning. Bounce was also there. And a good number went down to Starbucks for coffee – their new seating is not conducive to a gross crowd like ours. You’re going to want to wipe down those nice vinyl seats.

Final Death Valley workout this week. Expect big crowds, and wear your muddy shoes.
Beer mile on 4/24. Training is going well.

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