Snatch Test Time

Snatch Test Time

When YHC arrived at Elizabeth Lane Elementary about 5 minutes early (seriously), I noted MAD’s car in the lot. MAD had threatened to attend a gear workout earlier in the week, so it was nice to see him making good on his word. High Tide joined a few minutes later and we got the bells together.

Disclaimer: YHC and High Tide knew what we were in for, so the disclaimer was more personally applied to MAD, especially with his return from injury.

The Thang: (workout #3 of week 9 of the SFG I prep program)

Main Event:

  • 5 sets of 1, 2, 3 presses – MAD and I opted for doubles while HT plowed through the reps doing singles
  • 5 x 10L/10R snatch with :10 rest – MAD opted for some burpees and swings
  • 4 x farmer carries for :90


  • 2 x hard style elbow plank for :30 with :30 recovery
  • 2 x hollow body hold for :30 with :30 recovery
  • 2 x glute bridge for :30 with :30 recovery


  • It was a small, but strong crew this morning. It was good to see MAD again and hear about his journey back from injury. He modified the workout where necessary and worked with a couple of different weights.
  • Well, today was the day we’d been dreading. The main exercise was the SFG snatch test – 100 reps in 5:00 with a 24kg bell. We had been inching up on it for the last couple of weeks, dropping the rest between sets from :20 to :15 and finally :10. Last week, I finished in a little over 5:00 with :15 rest, so I knew if I kept with the prescribed rest, I’d get it done. High Tide had similarly barely missed earlier in the program and knew it was within reach. I ran through the 5 sets as described above while HT decided to do 10 snatches every :30, switching hands at the top and bottom of each minute. Both of us got it done and then laid on the ground for a few minutes while MAD looked at us. Good times.
  • Farmer carries after smoking the grip on the snatches was a lot of fun, too. We keep doing the carries and they just don’t get any easier. I guess we’ll have to keep doing them.
  • With the current program set to wrap up in a couple of weeks, High Tide has taken the lead in developing our next program. The goal is to continue working on some key KB and bodyweight strength movements, but with more of a metabolic conditioning focus. Think explosive reps with sufficient rest to allow for recovery. If you’d like to learn more, buy a copy of The Quick and the Dead.
  • MAD’s got some good ideas to promote safety within Area 51 and beyond. Hopefully he’ll keep pushing to roll them out. Ask him about them if you’re working out and would like to learn more.

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