Slim To None

Slim To None

 5 PAX made their way to #F3Peak51 and here’s what went down. 

The Thang:

The veteran PAX were properly disclaimed and we were off moseying to the bus lot behind the school for some COP.


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 20 IC
  • Merkins x 15 IC
  • Squats x 20 IC
  • 8 Count Body builders x 10 IC

Greenway Repeats

We made our way to the Greenway, carefully dodging some mud and puddles. We took off for the rocks and water feature about .20 miles down the Greenway for some circuit work. 

  • Decline Merkins x 10
  • Dips x 15
  • Step-ups x 2- (10 each leg)

When were finished, we headed back up the Greenway towards to school stopping for some Mary

  • Flutter Kicks x 15
  • Heels to Heaven x 15
  • LBCs x 15

After finishing this set, we moseyed back to the rocks and water feature for another round, we completed 3 round in total.

Mini Murph

We moved over to the playground located in the center of the track for a Mini Murph after each set, we took a lap around the track. Repeato  for 3 total rounds.

  • Pull-ups x 5
  • Merkins x 10
  • Squats x 15

A quick check of the watch and we headed back to the start point, but not before we got some gassers in to get our mileage up to 2 miles for the workout.


Back to the start point with a few minutes left for some Mary.

  • Flutters x 15 IC
  • Dollies  x 15 IC



  • Great effort by the PAX today, Peak 51 always feels like home when I return to Q, Sensei and Lois do a great job to keep it going. 
  • YHC pulled in and was surprised not to find any pre-runners  with Lois and Sensei emerging from a car, Slim Fast was out of town, so no Slimfast 5K.
  • Speaking of Slimfast, as you all know it does not rain when that man Qs, he has the mystical power to ward off any precipitation until 0615. I looked at the forecast Wednesday night and the weather app said 80% chance or rain and wouldn’t you know it, when I woke up, the weather app said the rain wouldn’t start until 0800. Simply mentioning Slimfast’s mojo kept the rain way, #TrueStory.
  • YHC had planned an entirely different workout predicated on the fact that it would be raining. Without the rain, I called an audible for the back up #Weinkie. The plan was to keep the PAX moving and get some PT in. .
  • Smokey was getting after it, on the runs, he’s a #Respect and makes it look easy.
  • Lois and Sensei seemed to be chatting it up over by the rocks/water feature and either lost count or were just deeply involved in their conversation.
  • Sardine’s list of exercises to #Refusenik is growing,  8 count bodybuilders #CrowdPleaser, being one of them. He also mentioned his M doesn’t like his shoes getting muddy.
  • Sardine did make a request for his favorite, Roxanne, but I think she didn’t want to make an appearance this week. 
  • Some feedback from the PAX was that the #Weinkie wasn’t terribly original, it may have been simple, but I hope y’all got your monies worth. 
  • Good to see the Sparta crew out there, putting in the work and bringing the PT to a running bootcamp.
  • When YHC started F3 many moons ago, rain wasn’t much of a deterrent but the PAX seem more likely to #FartSack these days. It happens to YHC, perhaps we’ve gotten comfortable, but we need to suck it up and post. Accountability is what keeps the PAX posting, reach out to someone you haven’t seen post in a while and get them out. EH someone new, offer to pick them up, the hardest part is showing up. Habits are a lot easier to start than they think, it’s taking that first step. 
  • Thanks to Sensei and Lois for opportunity to lead and please sound off with any mumble chatter.


  • Death Valley AO is shutting down #RIP next week. Join the rest of the Area 51 pax for one last workout  next Wednesday with a celebrity Q before Smokey and Dollywood shut its doors.
  • Let Them Soar 5K, coming up in November, sign up and support F3 Tackling Dummy’s charity and a cause very close to his heart.
  • Speed For need season is picking up again, signup for  at least 1 race this year, you’ll be glad you did.

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