Kensington 600

Kensington 600

commitment started right on time with 17 PAX – Brutus, Chastain, Chainsaw, Frack, Popeye, Weatherman, JWow, Fuse Box, Shop Dawg, Deep Dish, Red Rider, Carb Load, Run Flat, Twinkle Toes, Dough Boy, Two Hand Touch, Hi Hat

We moseyed passed the fields and back to circle up for our warm up:

15 SSH, 10 Murkins, 15 Mountian climbers, 10 Low SS, 15 SSH in cadence. with a calf stretch for what was to come 😉

1st series: now turn around and Lunge-walk the parking lot 40-50 yds, heading back towards the school from the classic  COT warm up place for Commitment Saturdays.

Then an LBC/BURPEE web with Paula Abdul. “We took two Trees forward and one tree back” as we migrated through the drive, “go” starts the grunts to get to the 2nd tree away from us to hit the deck and bust out count down from 10 with LBCs at the second tree and count up 1 each time for the Burpees as you sprint back to the first tree. Then 9:2, 8:3 7:4 so on and so forth. “oh, I thought twinkle toes was going to take it easy on us for his vQ, he such a nice guy…” someone mumbles from the crowd. To which I said, “It’s all down Hill from here” as we started our ascent towards what would be know as “The Hill”  then another PAX chimes in. More banter. Loving it.

2nd Series: Partnering up, P1 runs down and back up the hill, while P2 does Freddie Mercury’s, switch and continue for 200 FM. “Making sure to touch the line at the bottom” I say as we start down and then back up.

Then marys until the six is in. jWow on the front line.  Then mosey to back if school and first playground. Get into grps of 3.

3rd Series: The THANG = The Kensington 600

200 Low Slow Squats

200 LBCs

200 Dips

as a team of three, one is running at all times until complete. Then Mary’s until the six is in.

lets mosey now over around the school yard and head up to front buss lot of Kensington ES. Three stations, three rounds: 15 LS squats, run to tattoo two to give me 10 Murkins, run to station three to give me 5 Pull ups. Rinse and repeat 3 x.

14 minutes to go.

4th series: A murkin/American Hammer Web. 1:4, 2:8, 3:12 and so on until …Can anybody count correctly after 8:32… thanks brothers for taking over with the counting out loud while I catch my breathe. All in cadence. All pax did amazing job.

Then mosey back to parking lot for last 4 minutes of  backwards lunge and squats. We got to 6:24 when It was time. We had pushed it hard and everyone was together the whole way. Announcements and then I took us out with prayer for God to watch over us and our communities as we grow leaders from within.

my first vQ, shots out to Carb Load, Tupperware, and Chastain for their support prior and along the way. Hope I gave the PAX a good commitment workout this morning. Thanks for everything F3.

Announcements – new Q Source starting up on Friday May 1st. 0630 to 0700 at the Cureton McDonald’s

2nd F lunch at Hickory Tavern in Indian Land at noon today. Visit with Doc McStuffins

Christ’s Closet folding night this upcoming Thursday at Union United Methodist

Christ’s Closet giveaway in Pageland on April 2nd. See Shop Dawg for details

Foster care $$$ giveaway – if you know any foster care non profits, is donating $10,000. Contact Red Rider for details or go to the website

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