Watch Your Steps

Watch Your Steps

8 men braved the foggy conditions and tried to answer the question of whether it was possible to sweat in 39 degree weather. diccs presented.


*Mosey .8 mi to the roundabout by the track-stop at various locations for 15 9 merkins (car back), 15 wide arm merkins, 15 diamond merkins, 15 stagger merkins on curb.


*Course was mapped out-run the exact opposite direction back to the start. At every prior stop, complete 8 burpees, plus 8 at end-Total 40 -Lunge walk while waiting for the 6

*Mosey down to the poop palace. On the wall, donkey kicks x15, Mike Tysons x15, mountain climbers on BTTW position x15 (each leg)

Run up to back of middle school, dodging all exhaust fumes. Dips x15 IC, Derkins x15, elbow plank Dancing Chilcutt on bench x15 (each leg)

Complete this set two additional times.

*Set of Mary-Heels to Heaven x20, Big Boys x10, Pistol x10 each leg

*Mosey to staircase, bear crawl backwards up both sets of stairs run up stairs, bear crawl to wall and complete Maktar Ndiaye’s x10, wall hand plant merkins (if you couldn’t tell, the Exicon was not consulted) x10.

Complete this set two additional times.

*Mosey to front of middle school. Burpees x10, merkins x10, bobbly hurleys x10, run half a lap, then 8 of each, half a lap, 6, etc down to 2.

Ran one final lap as hard as possible to hit 4 miles.


By my count we got in 70 burpees, and I must say that they were the best looking burpees Cuthbertson has ever seen. The best! Not one Slurpee or Aussie burpee in sight. And the greatest part-no Recalcu form police to be found.

Bottlecap kept letting me know that the Q was similar to Frack’s last night, except with some more running. Obviously great minds think alike. I did try to throw out an exercise Waxhaw hadn’t seen in a while, but apparently calling out a backwards bear crawl up the double set of stairs crosses the line for some all of the present PAX. The chatter ratcheted up quite a bit and I literally got the Shake and Bake no from a few.

As usual, tried to keep the pace and heartrate up. And low backs will be sore tomorrow.

PS: when we passed the Impromptu PAX, they mocked us and tried to fight us. Jealous much? Wow!

Gerber-seemed to be on cruise control all morning. Likely perturbed that I didn’t let him run free too much and when we did, called out burpees to slow him down. Great burpees though (see above)

Bottlecap-Proudly led the “I’m afraid I’m going to crush my skull going up these stairs” charge.

Foundation-still upset about #namechangegate #didntevenbuildafreakinhouse

Deflated-fartsacked and not present. #protectyaneck

Easy Button-didn’t modify once, even when he said he was going to modify, was really only kidding and completed every rep of every exercise.

Smithers-Always know where to find him, right next to Foundation. The ultimate Tag Team.

Hooch-Only complaint-asked for more BTTW mountain climbers next time. And to run some more. Missing Longhorn out there this morning

Rubbermaid- Just happy that we didn’t venture into the muddy stuff #morningwoodproblems


Dash for Down Syndrome 5k-3.21.20-pushing at least 6 chairs. Need runners to assist. Message Zinfandel if you need more info

Rockwell shared a personal story about a brave young man that passed too early. Prayers needed for Gary and Gavin. Remember to cherish the times with your children.


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