Who’s the Q?

Who’s the Q?

Brutus and YHC (Your Humble Chastain) rolled into the Millbridge Clubhouse parking lot about 0505 to get a good pre-stretch in. Rubbermaid is out with some nasty eye infection that I declined his offer to provide details about. Tuck is the Q but he’s out for some unknown reason. No one else in the lot yet, but we see Turnbuckle’s van over at the gym so we make a quick jog over to say hi. Locked out. Oh well. Back to the lot and Wolverine rolls in and then Sledge-O-Matic. Time to get moving so we set off at different paces. I had a good conversation with Sledge prior to his early departure to get his kids ready for school. Then I caught up with Brutus and Wolve…Goodfella! A bit more running and catch back up with Wolverine, snap a photo, then back to the clubhouse to wrap it up. And with that, I think I’ve doubled the word count for the average Pursuit back blast.

YHC took us out.


  • Clyent Dinner tonight with Bottlecap on Q. 1730 at Cuthbertson Middle
  • Social Event tonight at Queens South – 1900 to 2100

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