Dromedary Diaries: Episode II – Q Command #2: “Exercise!”

Dromedary Diaries: Episode II – Q Command #2: “Exercise!”

17 PAX showed up on a pleasant morning with a temperature in the mid 50’s.  DiCCS given.  Moseyed to the parking lot for the warm-up.


25 SSHs

10 imperial walkers

10 mountain climbers

Calf Stretch (thanks to Goodfella and Sprinkles for the countdown)

10 Carolina Dry Docks

Recover……(pull out and check the Weinke……sh*&%!)…..back down 10 Merkins

Recover and Mosey to the covered area up from the small track


The Thang(s):

Partner Exercise – grab a table and alternate between a short run to the chained area and the following:

150 Dips

150 Step-ups

100 Derkins

Thanks to Runflat and Sprinkles for leading Mary while we finished up


Alternate exercises at each light on the way down to the globe:

30 squats

20 LBCs

…on the way back:

30 Bobby Hurley’s

20 Big Boy Sit-ups

Thanks to those of you who led Mary while we finished up

Mosey back to the big lot

7 of Diamonds:

Round 1:  7 Burpees at each corner

Round 2:  14 Mike Tysons

Round 3:  21 Box cutters

Time was upon us, so we didn’t make it to Round 7….to be continued….

COT:  Number and Name-O-Rama.

Announcements:  Still looking for Qs in March.

Took us out with a prayer for Tennesseans impacted by a tornado this week.

So, yesterday when Dana sent me a subtle “Looking forward to tomorrow” reminder (thanks for that!), I had my dates backwards and thought Sprinkles (my 2.0 for those of you who don’t know) was on Q today and I was on Q next Wednesday……so if the Weinke seemed a little thrown together…..it was. Please accept my apology.   However, after my VQ where I was woefully short of exercises, I vowed to not run out and to keep everyone moving.  I sat down with my Weinke and a beer…mmm….beer…..I digress.  I reviewed the F3 Q School handout Posse gave us and started jotting down everything.  Looked good on paper!  I re-read the section about the Q commands since I struggled with that my first round…..yep…..struggled with it again….Q command 2: Exercise!!!!

Despite going to bed anxious and waking up a 2:30, 3:30, and 4:00 worried I’d oversleep, I felt better about my 2nd Q than my VQ.  Still lots to work on but such is life, right?  Special shout-out to Bottlecap for pointing out my light was on in my truck.  And to Goodfella for keeping an eye on the time.  And to One Star for giving me a Weinke holder for my wrist!

I really enjoyed being the Q today.  All things are timed just right.  I was born in Western Tn and raised on the border of western TN and KY.  I lived in Lebanon, TN from 2011 to 2018 which was one of many towns near Nashville that was hit hard.  It wasn’t a coincidence that a former Tennessee native was on Q here in NC after a tragic day TN.  Please keep the people of middle Tennessee in your thoughts, prayers, and deeds as it will be a long recovery and lots of people have lost more than just their homes and possessions.

And finally…(I think writing and talking about this stuff helps us cope and makes us stronger)…thanks to everyone in the F3 Nation that showed up last Thursday in their bright colorful shirts for #F3forFaye.  I’m sure that many of you felt the same way I did from the time she was abducted to the time they found her.  I’m not too proud to admit that I cried more during that time than I have in a very long time.  Sprinkles is not my only 2.0.   I have a daughter, Emmerson, who is a 6-year-old kindergartner at Kensington.  Like Faye and many little girls at her age, her favorite colors are pink and purple, she loves ponies and unicorns, she likes to ride her bike and skate up and down the sidewalks in our neighborhood.  So, every time I scrolled through my social media feeds and saw her picture or turned on the news and saw her picture, Emmerson’s face flashed in my mind.  I can’t imagine what her family and those close to this situation are going through right now but as I referenced above….nothing is a coincidence.  She didn’t die in vain.  It has made a huge difference in my life and I hope thousands of others.  I listen to all the “silly” things my kids want to talk about a lot closer now.  I appreciate the time with them a lot more.  I make sure they know I love them and will protect them.   And lastly, my head is on a swivel even if I’m stepping away for just a moment.  Continue your prayers for her family and community.

Thanks again for your patience today!  Looking forward to Qing again in April.



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