PreBlast- 2 Months of Mile

  • When:03/03/2020
  • QIC: Bratwurst

PreBlast- 2 Months of Mile

Swift will engage in a March and April training program from the mastermind of Tiger Rag.

A lot of this comes from the Training Program here:

Here is a summary of the intro:

“Think back to your elementary school days and the first race you probably ever ran: the gym-class mile. Fast-forward a few years, through the countless 5Ks, dozens of 10Ks and the half-marathons and marathons you’ve completed. Racing the mile has likely been an afterthought unless you ran track competitively in high school or college.

Fortunately for those of us who weren’t on the track team, or who would like to return to the simpler racing of our youth, all-comer’s track meets are catching on in the U.S., and most meets offer that famous four-lap footrace. It’s also noteworthy that stand-alone, one-mile road races take place all over the country, offering an alternative to long-distance racing and a different way to connect with the sport.”

We’ve adapted this program to have a Tuesday Swift workout, and then a second weekly workout that you can do OYO or hijack some other F3 workout to do during the week.  Once you have a baseline Mile Race goal from the first workout, you’ll go here to get an equivalent pace to train at when the plan calls for 5K pace or something similar –

  • Week 1:
    • Tuesday March 3rd- Mile Simulation to set a Baseline for training. 8x400m with 1minute rest between each.  Here’s the guideline for this workout:
    • 2nd workout of the week – 4x800m @ 5K pace w/2:00 recovery
  • Week 2:
    • Tuesday March 10th – Tempo Run: 2mi @5k pace, 2x400m @1mi pace w/1:00 recovery
    • 2nd workout of the week – 8x200m @1mi Pace w/ 1:00 recovery
  • Week 3:
    • Tuesday March 17th – Hills: 10x1min @ 5K effort w/ 2:00 recovery
    • 2nd workout of the week – 6x300m @1mi pace w/ 1:00 recovery
  • Week 4:
    • Tuesday March 24th – 4x800m @ 5K pace w/2:00 recovery; 4x200m @1mi pace w/ 1:00 recovery
    • 2nd workout of the week – 6x400m @1mi pace w/ 1:00 recovery OR 5K Race
  • Week 5:
    • Tuesday March 31st – Hills: 6x1min @ 5K effort w/ 2:00 recovery; 6x30sec @1mi effort w/ 1:00 recovery
    • 2nd workout of the week – 2 x (5 x 200m @1mi pace w/1:00 recovery) w/ 3:00 recovery between sets
  • Week 6:
    • Tuesday April 7th – 2x800m @ 1mi pace w/2:00 recovery; 2x400m @1mi pace w/ 1:00 recovery; 2x200m @ faster than 1mi pace w/ 1:00 recovery
    • 2nd workout of the week – Tempo Run: 2mi @5k pace, 3:00 recovery, 4x200m @ faster than 1mi pace w/1:30 recovery
  • Week 7:
    • Tuesday, April 14th – 800m @ 1mi pace w/ 1-minute recovery; 2x400m @ 1mi pace w/ :30 recovery
    • 2nd workout of the week – 3 x 1K @ 5k pace w/ 2:00 recovery; 4x200m @ 1mi pace w/ 1:00 recovery
  • Week 8:
    • Tuesday, April 21st – 2x400m @ 1mi pace w/ 2:00 recovery; 4×200 @ 1mi pace w/ 1:00 recovery
    • 2nd workout of the week – TBD
  • Tuesday, April 28th
    • 1 mile Time Trial

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