Like Riding a Bicycle

Like Riding a Bicycle

It had to happen some time, so why not at Base Camp.  After months of being on IR and a slow return to action, my first post-surgery Q occurred this morning at South Charlotte Middle School.  The same school that hosts another workout that where I got my virgin Q many years ago…seems fitting.  Fingers crossed that all my insides would stay, well… inside.  Good news…all that mesh held with no spontaneous protrusions to speak of.

Started off with some of the usual in COP…. SSH, IW, LSS, STs and some MCs.  Then we headed down Woodfox for Rounding Run in Raintree, stopping at the intersections to do some merkins (regular, wide, diamond).  Partnered up and each went the opposite way around the RR circle, meeting on the other side for some partner derkins, then back on the other side for some handslap merkins and plankorama.  One time around RR was enough, so we headed off to Rising Meadow…. dodging many cars along the way.  Heavy traffic this morning… must have been trying to get to Bojangles Coliseum for some early tailgating before the Trump rally.

At Rising Meadow we did some hill repeats, with some shoulder taps and leg lifts.  A little more plankorama and we headed back to SCMS – stopping at the intersections for a few jump squats.  We arrived back at SCMS with enough time to play with the rocks – two times through with some curls, presses, and tricep extensions).  A few CCVs to round out the core work and we were done.

Really enjoyed leading the way and spending time with this fine group of men.  Thanks for the opportunity Thunder.  Adobe closed out COT with a solid prayer to start the day.

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