Efficient Swole Backblast

Efficient Swole Backblast

When YHC arrived on site, WT was jumping rope as usual.

6 pax eventually assembled at 0530 for a quick warmup.

Windmill X 10, Arm Circles X 10, Backward Arm Circle X 10.

The Thang

The biggest press ladder to date 5 X (1-2-3-4-5) each arm

1 H Swings, 16 rounds of 10, 20 seconds of rest between sets

Farmers Carries 4 Rounds of 90 Seconds


Moleskine:  As the pax finished the last round of Farmers carries, the clock read 6:15.  No need to cut out any sets or fill up the last few minutes with Mary.

Being 9 out of 11 weeks into the strength program, Voodoo and I are working on a plan to move into after week 11.

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