The Rooster Waxhaw – Ultra

The Rooster Waxhaw – Ultra

So Foundation and I figured we would would run jog at a leisurely pace the 11 miles today at the Rooster because it lined up with some half marathon training we were doing.

Less than 24 hours before the race we get an email that it’s actually a half marathon each.

So why not?

Were just going to run as fast as we can the whole time jog at a a conversational pace and continue our training.

The Thang

What Gerber said just more miles


We started off at a fast pace and Foundation just kept blazing through so I tried to hang on – he’s getting fast (7 min miles for 13?) and we finished the full 26 at 3:18. Not too shabby.

We came in 2nd for 2 man teams (there was a 3 man team that came in *2nd*) and first place had one of those crazy ultra marathon runners (he ran an extra 10 miles after the race to train for his 100 mile race coming up).

Either way for both of our first halfs not too shabby.

Moleskin cont’d:

If you haven’t made it out for a CSAUP you need to. They are exactly what they say: Completely Stupid And Utterly Pointless and that makes it all the more better. It is awesome to see how other groups in F3 and FIA come out to support something greater than themselves – all while having a blast at the same time.

If you haven’t read Gerber’s BB go do it – he explains how great the people were and how impressed everyone is with the F3 Waxhaw region. We even talked a bit at coffeteria about how other regions have huge populations in the area and still less AOs and turn out. We are very lucky here but its all stems back to how our region lives the values that F3 stands for day in and day out.

Congrats to the Waxhaw Express on the Rooster trophy and look forward to next year’s event!


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