Leap Day? Oops!

Leap Day? Oops!

F3 does not just run itself.  It takes guys stepping up, raising their hand, taking on responsibility, and taking action.  Site Qs, Board, special events, etc  It may not pay well in terms of $$$ but the relationships & impact cannot be quantified.

SITE Q…Passing the leadership (“Site Q”) torch…and Shovel Flag.  Engaged Site Q’s are so key for all of us.  They are making sure Q’s are lined up, look out for others during workouts, and promote & grow their site.  It’s not a ton of work, but it takes attention & engagement.  Even “auto-pilot” sites need engaged Site Q’s or they will fade.  It really does “take 2”, like Rob Base AND DJ Easy Rock.   If you have benefited from F3, please make it a goal to be a site Q (once, or again).

I was site Q of Bagpipe along with MorningAfter throughout 2017.  The irony is that I took that over from SoftPretzel (who is now taking the torch for DaVinci from YHC!).  You will always have a bond and connection with your co-site Q!

How did I get DaVinci?  I was there when DaVinci launched in January of ’16.  I posted regularly, even on Saturday’s when only 3-5 guys were there (I recall when I Q’d once- it was Paper Jam, Wingman, and YHC…3! #sobcounts)  Was DaVinci going to die?  Not under our watch!  Tuck involved Fredo as co-site-Q…great move.  And when Tuck became an ultra-marathon freak I got more formally connected with Fredo. I had just passed off the Bagpipe site Q to One-Niner, and Tuck quickly passed the torch & flag to YHC.  It was great with Fredo & YHC, but Fredo’s knee started to become a bigger issue – less posting, tough situation.  Let’s get Mighty Mite involved!  We were a 3-headed Site Q team for awhile until Fredo just needed to step back physically.  Now in ’20 SoftPretzel is stepping up again, and ready to help lead the site he loves (workouts & coffeeteria).  I love it too – always will.

The Thang:

MicCheck was scheduled to Q today, but instead tried to turn back the clock and dominate his 2.0 in hoops.  The result was a boot brace & crutches.  I respect that.  So Plan B was the brainchild of Mighty Mite – since we were going to “pass the torch” at DaVinci (i.e. Shovel Flag/Site Q) from YHC to Soft Pretzel, “how about you split Q” #BrilliantDelegation

For my half I led Disclaimer & warmups, and then went with AMRAP – an underutilized, but very effective format at bootcamps.  (AMRAP=As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible).  In the Summer I post WAMRAP at Waverly, where the entire session is “AMRAP”.  It’s absolutely terrible. I hate it and love it.  What’s great about it:

  • it’s “you against you”…push as hard as you can.
  • You don’t lose anyone, regardless of fitness level, speed, etc…it’s all the same recurring loop.
  • Nobody is ever “done” and waiting for the Pax.  Just keep going until Q says it’s time!
  • It can be a variety of muscle groups…stations & stops that can crush multiple movements.

How-to lead AMRAP?

  • Do first round all together as a group, explaining & doing the circuit.
  • Then basically say “go” and let everyone rip!!!
  • When time is close to done, spread word to finish up and meet in the end spot.


The Thang:

Disclaimer given;

-YHC did half

  • Mosey next to Petsmart:  circle for Imp Walkers, Slow Squats, Mtn Climbers
  • Mosey behind Best Buy (with Circuit City 🙂 : circle for Peter Parker, Parker Peter, Merkin, Bulgarian Ball Busters…YA!
  • Mosey toward Blakeney, to set stage for WAMRAP:  8 Wide, 8 Jump Squats, 8 Diamond, 8 Pull Up, 8 Sit Up, 8 Split Squat…15 minutes, all you go, “you against you”

-Soft Pretzel did half

  • partner wheel barrows, wall step ups ( back & forth), up the hill to rocks (OUCH!), circuit with rocks & running, back down, etc.

I was really smoked today – which is exactly what I want!

Hallelujah for Trickle’s M…clear medical test results!

PS- Crazy YHC completely whiffed on it being “Leap Day”.  Once every 4 years AND on a Saturday.  The whole workout could have been themed with “Leap” of some kind!! (I know a few things about leaping)  “Leap to new leadership”  “Leap towards your best you”  …#OhWell #Duh!!   (side note:  “YHC”= “Your Humble Correspondent”)

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1 year ago

Leap Day…think the next DaVinci Leap Day pain fest will be in 2048….Mighty Mite will still be site Q. Pretty sure I was at the DaVinci launch? Though that could be completely my imagination. At any rate, it’s a great group of pax.
Should’ve called lots of burpee broad jumps…we did do some Slovakian jump squats though…so there’s that.
Some other sundry observations from “LeapDayVinci”. Glad the Trumpster in the white truck didn’t mow any of us down…his idol has been mowing people down for decades. Too much? Don’t forget only two more shopping days until Super Tuesday.
Not sure when Paper Jam joined us, but his beard caught up with us a couple minutes before him.
After the workout, I saw Loogie heading over to the yoga studio that we desecrated during the AMGRAP. He was mumbling something about how he needed more stretching and how he couldn’t believe the RotoRooter found nothing inside his shoulder. #usingthewholefistdoc
Trickle’s socks are outstanding. I’m getting a pair…but not Arsenal socks, rather FFC. #COYW
Ocho Cinco runs pretty well.
Midriff = outstanding nickname
Good to see Mario even if DaVinci was his 3rd or 4th option after oversleeping a 10-miler, Stonehenge and some kind of pre-run.
Solid Q’s Bucky & SP. Always enjoy joining the DaVinci pax. Oh one more thing, SP kept muttering “make DaVinci great again” during the morning….weird.

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