Monthly Archive February 2020

“I ain’t no gizzard”

This was a morning when the pax stayed in their cars until the very last minute, except Spackler who came flying in late…he likes the attention.  The pax was disclaimed and off we went for another edition of RockZero.  I think O’ Tannenbaum showed up at about 8:10am.

I’m not going to list everything we did, rather, I’ll list a few things we didn’t do:

SSH’s, Tunnel o’ Love, Plank Jacks, Chest-to-Chest Partner Carries

We did a lot of exercises to 20, some to 13 (of course), and others to 15 or 10

Did some backwards bear crawls up the turf hill in front of the rec building, some rock work, some work at the hot box including some double squat jump up’s, some burpees.

Spackler was overdressed, and kept whining about dropping off all his extra clothing at his SUV.  Um….no.

Hoover did a pre-run by himself.

Circuit City overslept and missed his normal DaVinci post.  He won’t admit it lest he anger the SOB’s, but he likes RockZero better, and it’s much closer to his home and allows him to sleep for an extra 1/2 hour on the weekend.

Cottonmouth talked with Bounce for about 40 minutes about taking Creatine or some such…I think they worked some deal in the parking lot afterwards as Cottonmouth is a supplier.  Runstopper wore manpris.

Jet Fuel was quiet today…and said he would likely not vote for Tommy Tuberville for governor of Alabama.  rolldamntide.

Stone Cold wore extra warm gloves…so he says.

Ductwork wore elbow length ski gloves….YHC noticed after the workout….weird.

Levi just puts in the hard work and wants no fanfare.

Boerewors was getting after it as well, but was not a fan of the rock work and runs.

Last week, Geraldo was talking about the launch of F3 Long Island…it was warmer there this morning than Rock Zero.

It’s getting to be dinner time, so I’m going to sign off, but must say thanks to Hoover and Geraldo for tapping me to Q.  Was struggling towards the end, but hope you fellas got your money’s worth.  We hit 2.8’ish miles, which is well beyond what I would normally do.  You’re welcome.

There’s a Beer Mile in April at a south Charlotte middle school near you.  Gummy is the Grand Marshall.

And Levi told the pax to give blood or platelets or some sort of bodily fluids at a center near you.

In the immortal words of Coach Norman Dale of the Hickory Hoosiers – “I love you guys.”

Where were you?

This Q fell into my lap because Zinfandel’s schedule had a conflict. After attending a Swarm Q that Bottle Cap did a few weeks ago and a Gladiator workout that Gerber Q I knew I had to push the Pax. It was about 24 this morning with a lot of frost on the ground, it was cold! The Pax had an over/under bet going on the number of audibles (I’m kinda famous for that) I would have but I typed it up and strapped on my Weinke.

11 Pax rolled into Cuthbertson ready to work! 6:30…..Lets Mosey

Semi fast mosey to the traffic circle near the stadium – Circle up!


10 SSH – IC

10 IW – IC

10 Merkins – IC

Calf stretch – Damascus got moist

Runners lunge – Flapjack

10 LSS – IC

The Thang:

Mosey to the track. Bottle Cap did an Indian run mile at the Swarm and it was terrible. Rinse and Repeat!

3 groups of 4 – we crushed that or did it crush us?

Pullups and Merkins – The weinke was foiled due to icy/cold bars. – Audible 1

Burpee Mile:

5 burpees at every turn…. for you math guys that’s 80 burpees. This did crush us.

Lets mosey!

4 corners out and back around the big parking lot beside the stadium.

Start – 10 merkins

Second corner – 10 MT’s

Third corner – 20 Monkey Humpers

Fourth Corner – 20 squats

I told the pax to rinse and repeat and changed my mind….Audible 2

Mosey to the road in front of the school. At this point, Recalculating is talking smack…”We just did this yesterday” Yes, I know and it sucks…

Paula Abdul – 2 poles down and one back.

5 burpees down and 5 merkin shredders back…. Nope! We did this a few rounds and I committed my 3rd Audible. My shoulders were gone. Merkin shredders are out…. 20 monkey humpers are in.

We made it all the way to the end and with about a minute to go we did a jailbreak back to COT.

The Moleskine:

All Pax pushed hard… Everyone hit about 4.5 and Gerber and Hollywood hit 5m. Others may have hit 5 as well but they aren’t on Strava so I have no clue. Welcome Squeege, Wolverine’s youngest son? The kid is fast! Thanks again for letting me lead and for the record…sometimes audibles are needed. Wink.


Open Door Sunday @ 7:00 at Five Stones – Wolverine on Q





Split Q

Banjo asked me if I want to split the Q and of course, I said yes. Anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to Q at one of the 4 workouts at Cuthbertson should get on the list, its a great campus.

Banjo’s weinke:

Run to towards Transporters shed – Butt kicks and Russian kicks on the way. Continue to the traffic circle near the stadium.

Circle up:

Normal warmup exercises.

His Thang:

Three-Way: Run from the traffic circle to school back to traffic circle then down to the cul da sac beside the stadium.

At the school – 20 step-ups

Traffic circle – 10 merkins shredders

The cul da sac – 10 burpees

Each time you run through the traffic circle do the 10 merkin shredders.

My Thang:

Mosey around the stadium to the bottom of the long hill. Triple Nickel and stop at the top of the hill past the island. Out and back is 1 – repeat x 5

5 MT’s at the top

5 squats at the bottom

Paula Abdul

Moesy to the light poles along the front of the school. Run two lights down, do two burpees. Run one light back, 10 monkey humpers. We made it to the last light pole and had time to cut one lap around the front on the middle school.

The Moleskine:

Thanks, Banjo for splitting the Q and as always thanks to the Pax for following my lead. We ran a lot for an Impromptu workout, I think about 3.7m It was a solid workout.


Open door Sunday @ 7:00 at Five Stones




Black Ice

Since Gerber has been bugging me about a BB he must want to see his name mentioned or he wants his participation trophy.

Mosey over to the back of the HS for some stretching warm-up. Keep it simple today.

The Thang
20 step up on the bench. Gerber and Hollywood go one way around the jungle island and Hooch and I went the other way. When we met up, we did 10 of a call exercise then back to the benches. Of course, Hollywood and GERBER beat us back every time. We did that 4 times.

Over to the track we mosey. Start with the bleachers skipping every other secetion with lunge walk and bunny hops between. Then run around the track to the pullup bars for 5 pullups. Once we got back to the steps to go back to the bleachers, we would circle back to pick up the six. We did these 4 times with 20 incline merkins, dips, and big boys replacing lunges. Forgot to mention Gerber did a great job again.

Start heading to the front of the HS and we stopped at each light pole for 10 runners bridge. Made it most of the way back before we had to call it and get back to COT to meet up with a small Impromptu group.

The only way I was able to slow down Hollywood and Gerber was to run bleachers. Gerber shared that some of his speed has come from foam rolling every night for the last 6 months.

Hooch doesn’t make to as many workouts as he would like but he’s putting in the miles every week on his own. It would be easy for him to skip all those days and he choose to get up early to put in the work. Great discipline Hooch!

Your biggest fears are opportunities for your greatest growth. Embrace the fear!

See Impromptu for announcements.

Was it the snow, ice, cold or YHC

In a tweet about today’s upcoming activities at Joust, I may have mentioned about ringing the bell and we would head to the mountains.  Either the cold weather kept the Pax way or Pax caught on we were running to McHorsey.  Either way, site Q extraordinaire- Duct Work figured out the plan and still drove in.  I coaxed him out of his truck at 5:28, small talked until 5:30 and besides the car coming into the lot that was facility staff and not another F3er, we took off.

.7 mile run to the bottom of Old Bell and Blue Ridge (basically the gate of hell for hills).

The Warm Up

Since no disclaimer was given, I knew DW was not a SSH fan, so I offered to modify the workout as needed.  Although he and I both thought it would have been funny for me to do SSH in-front of him…and not like a short version of SSH, the long 50 or 100 and just have him watch me the whole time, here is what we did.


Arm Circles

Brief stretching

Maybe something else


The Thang


We were already at the base of the hill, so here was the plan.

Start with:

Calf Raises x20

Wide arm merkins x10

LBC x20


Run up to the driveway on the left, Monkey humpers x20 and backpedal down


Repto to second driveway

Run to the flag pole and wait for the 6…well, we just planked to catch out breath


Gather the Pax (just made sure Duct Work was ready to go) and we ran to the base of  Old Bell & Wilby/ Mountain View


Triple nickle up Old bell hill to first light pole, Diamond merkins at the top / Wide arm merkins at the bottom.


Moseyed on to the flag pole for some Mary

– Right over left/ left over right crunch x10

– LBC x20

– Boat / Canoe

– Heels to heaven x20


As tradition has it, pause for an intimate rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance at the mighty green lit flag pole.  If you have never seen it…#worthy


Mosey to the bottom of Wilby and Sardis and wait for the 6 (catch our breath)


Run back to the lot…few more minutes to spare


2 rounds of:

– Step ups x20 (10 per leg)

– Dips x15 / Incline merkins for DW



Announcements: None

Take out: We did not have a formal ending pray / encouraging words, but we did talk about the personal work that DW does for a close friend that he meet at the church.  Not that he needs it or asked for the following, but DW is a good dude and takes amazing care of this guy.  It started by mowing his law and blossomed into much more.  If you know DW, this is not the only thing he does in his spare time.  However, this individual  doesn’t have any family and really needs help and guidance as he gets on in years.  It’s honestly the best example being a better man! Helping others in need and extending yourself including your spare time to make someone else life better.  #strong


Ye Old Mole Skinny

– I am not going to take it personally, I blame the low turnout on the weather…which was no worse then any other cold wet day

– Thank you for keeping me on the Q list DW, having gotten sick earlier this week it was nice to get moving

– I am not saying that we had a 6 today, but DW and I have a sort of interesting past.  At Fast Twitch (years ago), I apparently was early and standing around with all of the runners that showed up, so when I saw him pull into the lot and step out of the car, overly eager to have someone to run with, I said, “Great, here comes the 6”.  He did not take that as a complement when he exited his vehicle?  Wonder why??

– This is an awesome site (although we did not see much of it today), keep supporting it.  I had other plans of gear, but with the threat of rain and snow, I did not bring it.  Then happy that I did not pack the car up for a full gear workout with just him and I.


Have a great day!


The Dave Ramsey Workout – One on One

I figured with the snow and sleet yesterday it would be low numbers today.  I wasn’t even sure when I woke up that the roads would be passable.  I opened the garage to find the driveway almost dry…not even wet for ice.  Quickly loaded up the gear and headed out to Five Stones to find Brutus waiting in his car.  After getting gear set up, we had 20 minutes to chat waiting on other pax to arrive.  5 min until start….hmmm.  2 Min…still no one.  I warned Brutus that if no one showed up, I was going to give him an ass whooping of a workout as I knew he could take it.  Time and no other pax.  DiCCS given.  Lets go.



Broke the workout into muscle groups.

Biceps: Three stations.  27lb bar curl.  22 lb bar reverse curl.  25 lb dumbbell hammer curl.  Do 300 reps each.  Do 150 Reps Each.  Do 100 Reps each.  Go to exhaustion at each station and do that three times.

Shoulders: Three Stations, Three times.  Military Press with Dumbbells (25 and 3o lbs).  One hand Clean, snatch, and press with one dumbbell alternating hands.  27lb bar reverse grip press.

Triceps: Three Stations Three times.  25 or 30 lb dumbbell overhead extension.  10 lb dumbbell kickbacks.  Dips.

Shoulders Round 2: Four stations, three times. 10 lb dumbbell Lateral raise.  10 lb dumbbell reverse fly.  22 lb bar front raise.  10 lb plate wheelbarrow walkers??? (Not sure what to call these but you put your feet on two small plates, keep legs straight and use your hands to walk/pull your body.  Went three parking spaces out.

Back: Cinderblock Rows.  Reverse Fly’s again.  As many as you could do in 2.5 minutes.  TIME’S UP.



I enjoy the camaraderie that Diesel brings.  The extra mumble chatter.  While two may sound like an awful workout number,  I actually enjoyed it today.  Brutus was great company (the dude wont shut up), and is a great yin to my yang (I won’t speak).

Its amazing how many reps you can do the first round when you say go to exhaustion, and then by round three you are barely doing half the reps you started round one with.  Lots of tired tight muscles today.

Lots of good idea’s shared around plans to pay houses off early.  I’ve got a one year plan (was five years in total and I’m in year 4), Brutus has a 2 year plan (no clue how long he has been working on it).  I like his thought process better so if your curious, pull him to the side and listen to his thoughts on saving mortgage interest.  There are lots of tricks/secrets to paying a house off early, but however you do it, it takes disciplined saving and extra money going towards that principal.  Akbar is also a good one I’ve heard speak on the subject if your looking for a resource.

Other topics of discussion included home life, bridge design, both of our shoulder injuries, ways to make our F3 region better, and how we can’t wait until spring weather so the rest of you jack clowns will get out of bed and come join us.


ANNOUNCEMENTS for father/daughter dance registration.  March 6th at Ballentyne Hotel.  This will be my third year taking my daughter and she looks forward to it every year.  Yes the schools do one too, but I find this one to be much more impactful and time well spent with my daughter.

Christ Closet Giveaway this Saturday at Akbar’s church (corner of Newtown and Cuthbertson).  9:00 – 2:00 is the giveaway hours but they need pax earlier than that to help set up.  Trucks needed to haul furniture.


Paybacks a …….. actually, the title is: Persistence

Bottle Cap pinged me early to double check if I could still Q with the impeding inclement weather. I was up for a wet and cold Q as long as I could get there and back home safely. All was clear and I was on my way. Minimal traffic, but still a haul from Fort Mill! My original workout was out the door with the wet and cold conditions, but to my surprise it was snowing! Big flakes making it a winter wonder land. I was excited. Even more of a surprise were 3 little 2.0’s showing up, one being an FNG! Quick disclaimer appropriate for all ages and a refresher on the mission and purpose of F3. If you don’t know it, look it up and preach it!

The Thang:

Mosey with high knees, butt kickers, side step, flap jack, backwards run, and continue mosey to covered area.

First set: I stole this from Cheese Curd who stole it from Metro. He’s right, it’s tough calling all the candance (cadence) and keeping it all straight, but I did it. Start with 10 6 count cadence burpees, then 10 big boy situps, 10 squats, 10 merkins. Repeat with 9, then 8, then 7, then 6 down to 1. Anyone know the total of burpees? Here’s a hint: (10 x 9) / 2 = ???

Second set: Partner up. P1 runs around the parking lot while P2 does a set (as a team) of 150 hand release merkins on the bench, 150 dips on the bench, and 150 step ups on the bench. Running in the snow was quite the challenge! Snow goggles would’ve helped but the 2.0’s did a fantastic job and laughed along the way.

Third set: Jack Webb, 1 donkey kick and 4 arm raises all the way until 10 and 40. Pressing air sucks!

Mary: various things on our six and mixed in some hand release merkins and supermans. Ended with “Have a Nice Day”, a quick recovery time to reflect on the day and what’s to come. Mosey back for COT.

Announcement: F3 Waxhaw event this Saturday at Cuthbertson High School, I think… reach out to one of the Pax for more info.

Prayers for Frack’s health and his friend who recently had a heart attack. Prayers for all who’s having challenges with their health.


I write a lot of Backblasts, in my mind. Honestly, I’ve had some trouble getting on and then forget. Today was different. Several Pax stepped up, and after an hour of trouble shooting we got me up and running. So here we are after 1.5 hours for a decent Backblast. Hence the change in name in the title. It was going to be Paybacks a bleep because Bottle Cap and others from Waxhaw have stepped up to help grow F3 in Indian Land. But Persistence is the word of the day. They didn’t give up on me, they led, they followed, and they made darn sure I’d get a backblast out. I hope to do the same for my fellow pax, to help them accelerate as Dark Helmet says. #SYITG #ISI #BetterNeverQuits #PainIsTemporary


Be Aware………..of Burpees

The story takes place Wednesday evening before Floater. A text is sent to Deadwood, “Are you on Q tomorrow”? The response was yes, but I am not giving it up because I’ve been bumped once already. That prompted yours truly to come in with the guilt trip. “Well, tomorrow is my 3rd year F3versary and my birthday. Just seeing if I can Q for that”

So, now I’m on Q. Winning. (HAHA, Deadwood has feelings)

I walk out to the scene where a few PAX are gathering wondering where their Q Deadwood is. That is when I start. No quick DICCs for me, I need extra time for what I had to put out there. I discussed being your brother’s keeper, let’s have good form(no twerking, squats only), and don’t just go back to the 6 and talk to them put your hand in the middle of their back and push them. Push them by pushing yourself. Oh yeah, and I will call you out if you are sandbagging or using bad form. Let’s Mosey!!!!

The Thang:

Take a brisk lap around the block back to the origin and pass that to head across the railroad track to the parking lot in front of Cupcake Queen(Product Placement).

  • 20-SSH(Variable Speed)
  • 15-Imperial Walkers
  • 10 IC-Diamond Merkins
  • Calf stretch
  • 20(maybe)-Low Slow Squats

Let’s Mosey!

At the bottom of Another Bad Idea, we do 7’s. Start out with 1 Burpee at the bottom and six at the top. Then 2 Burpees at the bottom and 5 at the top. You get the point.

Let’s Mosey!

Head back towards the railroad crossing and make a right turn in front of Waxhaw Provisions(Product Placement) and stop in the parking lot behind the church just past Maxwell’s Tavern(Product Placement).

  • 10-Curb jump Burpees (Jump on the curb and back into a Burpee)
  • Gassers with exercises in between(10 Burpees, 10 squats, 10 Diamond Merkins, 10 Diamond Merkins)
  • Alright next we will………….Oh no, Burpee train. (PAX that actually did the Burpees said we reached around 45 Burpees)
  • After the train we did combos(4 Lunges, 10 Bear Crawls into two box jumps) do that twice the length of the parking lot.

Guess What? Let’s Mosey!

YHC lead the PAX on a run that may have surprised some. We ran passed the cupcake shop and the park to the second railroad crossing. I can hear PAX in the back saying 4 minutes left. In my head I said great, we’ll have one minute to spare(if they actually pick up the pace, lead by example and show the push). If my fat butt can do it, everyone out there today could do it and they did.


February 2017, a 272 pound Adrian Boston was at work with headaches and not feeling well. He stood up to get to work and fell back down instantly(dizzy). Blood pressure through the roof and in his mind he knew he finally did it. He’s finally having a stroke(what a drama queen). After going to the doctor, it was later found that it was vertigo brought on by a serious sinus infection. That was enough for me. I found out about F3 through a friend and never looked back. I changed eating, drinking, and all other habits. I lost 30 pounds in the first 2 months. I now hover about 215 and 220ish(205 was the lowest).

I spoke on changing today. Some may say the first stage of changing is Awareness. This is a stage that many do not pass. What people don’t tell you is that the awareness stage can be a very depressing stage. When you are truly aware, you see everything for what it is: you, your career, state of your marriage/household, future, life, and faith. It can be a lot and be very heavy. A few months ago, I became very aware of myself and I was depressed. I’ve been blessed with a good wife and good friends to work through it. I’m happy to say now that I am in the development stage of change.

If you are becoming aware of things and feeling that way do not stress. The feeling of uneasiness is you noticing the change and you getting ready to change. Don’t fight the urge to change. Do not fear this feeling, embrace it and use it. If you feel comfortable all the time you are not improving.

If it is too much get help. Strange thoughts or feelings that you yourself feel are not right, get help don’t wait.

Thank you for following me today and listening/reading my rambling. Gotta get to work now.

I’m sorry, I did not get the announcements. I was busy doing some Bday Burpees. Thanks for the reminder Deadwood.

SnB, out!!!!!!!!

Smooth isn’t exactly the word I would use…

18 pax joined me for a tour around Marvin Ridge with a few puddles along the way.

I didn’t have a super elaborate Q planned this morning but I think it still turned out well. One pax ranks it up there with the worst Q he’s attended. The jury is still out.  Either way,  Saturday you will witness a masterpiece!!  Gladiator will be held at Cuthbertson Middle @ 6:29, same parking location as Ignition/Swarm…..wait, some of you will not post at either of those, does Flash or Impromptu ring a bell??? Park there.

The first rule of Gladiator is that you don’t talk about Gladiator..shhhhhhhh.

5:30, Lets Mosey! We ran around the back of the school to the big globe and circled up…

SSH x 15 IC

Merkins x 15 IC

Calf Stretch flapjack

MC x 15 IC

PJ x 15 IC


We ran suicides along the front of the school to each light and back… 5 merkins down and 5 drydocks back. I didn’t realize that would so quickly, but it did.  Stop at the end of the school and recover. Mosey around the school again and hold at the first parking lot as you exit the concrete path.

Hair burners (We had way too many people for this, I should have audibled)

Alternate pushing the plate back and forth while you wait on it to arrive. Squats while you wait… That sucked, so while you wait….this typing….is about… smooth this portion…of … the Q…….went. Recover.

Same groups. Overhead weight carries while walking/running fast walk w/ a burpee at the back.  This would have worked great on a 4 lanes road but we were on a 6-8′ wide path. I was over it.

Stop at the parking lot. Captain Therkin. You guys should have abs of steel by now.  2.5 minutes remained so ran the parking lot down and back with burpees in the middle both ways. Back to COT.

Good work today guys and thanks for letting me lead. I’ll see you all Saturday at Gladiator.



Christ Closet Give away Saturday – See Dana for details

Connect with Posse (Brian Stephenson)




One year later I’m no different but not the same. Huh?

Five Pax roused themselves for a balmy 49 deg Tuesday AM at #Thrive.  This was my one year F3versary with these dudes in F3 Union County.  More on that in the Moleskine

Hairband led a workout a year ago and almost killed the FNG-me, in a good way.  He broke out his new F3 Workout Deck and put on a beat down as each of the PAX randomly selected a card.  The only exercise I remember  was the excessive amount of bear crawls we completed in that workout.  Bear crawls aside, by the end of the workout I knew I found a group of guys to workout with and build friendships.

To honor day that we completed a workout using the same F3 Workout Deck.  Spoiler alert bear crawls were not drawn!


Disclaimer given and off we go for a short mosey.  Circle up

  • SSH 20 – IC
  • LSS 20 – IC
  • 3-2-1 Slow Merkins 15 – IC
  • MC 15 – IC
  • Arm circles – big and little 10 each – OYO
  • Potato Pickers 10 – IC

The Thang:

Each PAX selected a card from the Workout Deck.  We complete the exercise on the card.  Reps = vaule of card +10; face cards were 25 reps, Aces 100 reps.  Every 4 or 5 cards we ran an extended HB mile.

Here are the cards pulled, in mostly the correct order:

  • 19 Ranger Merkins
  • 18 Squat Thrusts
  • 100 Arm Circles
  • 25 Freddie Mercury
  • 60 second Elbow Plank

Run long(ish) HB mile.

  • 25 Burpees (no surprise that Shepherd pulled this card…)
  • 25 Diamond Merkins (a Glass Joe fav)
  • 90 High Plank (YHC’s for real fav)
  • 13 Wojo Squats
  • 20 Rosalita

Run long(ish) HB mile.

  • 25 Plank Jacks
  • 25 Mtn Climbers
  • 18 Merkins
  • 13 High, Slow Flutter Kicks

Sprint 300 Meters (to the Dumpsters and back)

  • 17 Monkey Humpers
  • 12 Hand clap Merkins (again Glass Joe filled with joy)
  • 13 Church Norris Merkins none of the PAX knew what those were so we did Wide Merkins
  • 100 Flutter Kicks (count only right leg)

Run long(ish) HB mile.

  • 19 High Knees
  • 25 Monkey Humpers
  • 16 Jump Lunges
  • 18 Squats.

It’s 6:10 so….TIME!

5 minutes of Mary.



Keep Hairband’s daughter in prayer.


One year ago I was frustrated by my workout intensity.  Constant back injury kept me sidelined making maintaining endurance and fitness levels difficult.  I simply loved lifting weights and was a heavy barbell addict; me love some squats and deadlifts.   But my back issues prevented from being consistent.  I had the will but not the ability to keep in shape.  Also a year ago, I read a book called Digital Minimalism that changed the way I view my use of technology; hence my F3 name of Unplugged.  There was a section in that book about F3.  I checked out the website, found the closest workout and posted to Thrive.  Body weight workouts mixed in with some gear has kept me healthy and mostly injury free.  I appreciate the brotherhood of men to keep me going and to rise @430 am when the fartsack seems like a better choice.  It never is.  Workout in in 23 deg or rain is always better than sleeping.

Great work men. Appreciate the change to lead.

Unplugged out!