Survival of the “Fittest”

Survival of the “Fittest”

6 contestants came out to a chilly Diesel to see just how stupid they could be. These men did not disappoint. Today’s idea is a spinoff of the UNCLE Q Chastain led a few weeks back. Simply said, we pick an exercise and continue reps IC until the last PAX finally quits.


Stand around and great each other, since it has been a bit since we’ve seen the Catfish and it was Sledge-O-Matic’s 2nd Post.


I hope everyone enjoys the beautiful charts.

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Bottom line is that this was a ton of fun and great way to max out your individual effort. Deadwood might even approve. Chastain and I have been talking about this for some time, but our inability to secure a healthy Q put the plan into action.


It’s always an honor to have the opportunity to lead a group of guys like this. Diesel is a great way to avoid cheating yourself. It’s tough to hide when there is just the 6-10 of you circled up. Today was very motivating as the 1st couple contestants out would cheer on the other fools while walking, planking or some other exercise of choice. This really turned into a mind game a we continued to figure out the strategy of Survivor. Turnbuckle may have cheated by having his entire face covered.



Father/Daughter Dance.  March 6.  Ballentyne Hotel to register.

Sounds like Sledge-o-Matic may have received some of the good F3 Karma after his debut on Wednesday. I’m pretty sure he said that he got a job offer just after Chiseled on Wednesday.

Pray for Blades of Glory as he takes 33 HS kids on a mission trip to Guatemala

Mayhem is leading a mission trip to Nicaragua in September.  Akbar is a HC.  He is looking to get additional F3 guys to join.

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