Wet Weinke or Dry Weinke?

Wet Weinke or Dry Weinke?

The night before, I checked the weather forecast and it was pretty much all rain all night but then clearing up around launch time.  So I wasn’t sure whether (no pun intended) to draw up a Weinke for wet weather or a Weinke for dry weather.  So I did both.  I mean, you never can go wrong with 2 Weinkes right??  But as I pulled into the parking lot it started to pour down rain so I knew which one I would use.  It was definitely a game time decision.  I’ve never Q’d an entire workout in the parking deck so here goes nothing…

6 pax and 1 FNG were ready for a good workout so disclaimers were disclaimed and off we went.  Here’s what we did:


Mosey to Ballantyne Village to the mouth of the parking deck for COT where we were joined by Fallout who appeared out of thin air.  YES!!!  He was running late so he parked in the deck and joined right in.  Now we had an even 8 pax.  I love it when a plan comes together.

-LSS x 10

-IW x 15

-Windmill x 10

-Merkins x 10

-MC x 10

Partner up for some Dora where P1 runs to top of stairs for 3 burpees and back down while P2 starts out on 100 merkins.  Flip flop until all done and then switch to 200 LBCs and finally 300 calf raises.  Ouch!

Now that we’re all warmed up we moseyed to the parking deck for 20 donkey kicks followed by the Tagalong Run-A-Long (I stole this one from one of Tagalong’s previous Q’s) where we ran up 1.5 levels for 10 jump squats and then back down to bottom for 10 burpees.  Rinse and repeat for a total of 4 laps.

Although I had about 8 more exercises on the Weinke, we were getting pretty close on time so we headed back to launch for COT.  We got in 2.8 miles all in the parking deck.  Plus my calfs were screaming at me after the 300 calf raises.  Bad idea.



There was only 8 of us, due to the rain, but it was a great group!  Everyone put in a solid effort.  Bucky lead the pack (per the usual) in the Tagalong Run-A-Long.  That dude runs like a deer.  Mighty Might worked up a sweat and was forced to shed some layers once in the deck.  I think I saw a kettlebell fall out of his jacket pocket.  Kirby hung back and kept me company – for official site Q precautionary safety reasons of course (😂).  Fallout made his grand entrance about 5 minutes into the workout and then was all business the rest of the time.  Glad you could join us, Brother!  Circuit City is turning into quite a regular these days and keeps getting faster.  Keep grinding!  Tagalong keeps on crushing it and was right on Bucky’s heels during the Tagalong Run-A-Long.  Then there’s Cherie Berry (our FNG) who looked like a veteran pax out there.  His hospital name is Otis so the pax landed on the name, Cherie Berry which is awesome.  Keep posting Cherie Berry!


It’s always a pleasure to lead!



-need pushers for Run Jen Run on 3/7 in SouthPark.  Contact Frasier for details.

-Soft Pretzel told us about a Sandbox event this Saturday helping a family move from 10a-12p.  It’s located in CHARLOTTE.  Contact him for details.

-Bagpipe is having Respect Month for the month of March, ending with a Double Respect when Chopper takes the Q.  Don’t miss out when our senior pax take the wheel.

-Bratwurst and Tigerrag are putting together a 1 mile race during the months of March and April.  Hit them up for more info.


-Mighty Might is planning an NCAA watch party – details to come.






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