Tour of the north side

Tour of the north side

Didn’t expect too many pax this AM but with the rain and the fact that a lot of guys get soft in the winter and hibernate, especially on the rainy days.

Disclaimer and launch into steady rain.  Run around campus and circle up in the original Hawk’s Nest lot.  Standard COP types of things.

Run over to the hill at the end of Raintree Ln up to Providence.  Triple Nickle up the hill with burpees and jump squats.  The rain stops so head back to cars to drop off the rain jacket.

Some mary types of activities for the core.   Then hit the track for 100m, 200m, 300m and 400m sprints with 40, 30, 20, and 10 merkins after each sprint.  We had to stay on the outside lanes so it might have been a little bit longer runs.  The Fast Twitch pax was slowly rolling along the inside lanes and clogging up the works.

Then run up to LAX field bleachers for some step ups and dips.  Back to launch and done!


Seems like the PAX never make their way up the hill on the North side of campus.  Lots of good stuff over there, you should try it.  Hops wasn’t there, but virtually complained about 3.1 miles on a bootcamp.  I Q what the PAX needs, not what the PAX wants.

Sprockets started off by making fun of the Q’s hair which is never appropriate.  Good thing he was able to back it up as he smoked through the workout.

Cobains to Geraldo who we somehow left on the track with the Fast Twitch guys.  He hung in there for some extra laps.  Hopper went to go “check on him” and then never came back to the workout.  Pro move, I guess.

Thanks to Sprockets who took us out

Sing up for Merkin/Pull up challenge





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