The olde faithful

The olde faithful

A few of the regulars for WAMRAP were out of town but the Kirchoff Krew never disappoints and posted to join me on a mild morning for a not so mild WAMRAP.

6 loops which included between 10 and 35 reps of lunges/RDL’s, run a hill, Situps/Heels to heaven, elbow plank jacks, stairs, and decline merkins.  Finish early enough for a 40 burpee cool down.

Job always pushing hard to stay in front of his old man.  He did on the exercises, but Astron laid down the heat on the runs and caught back up every time.

WAMRAP the best/hardest Wednesday workout you aren’t doing.  Come out and give it a try.  Fun is guaranteed or your money back.

A fantastic takeout by Job.



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