Ziz, Leviathan, and Behemoth

Ziz, Leviathan, and Behemoth

Week 8 of 11 in our program.  Wild Turkey was on the sidewalk jumping rope when I got there.  The last couple weeks, I’d park in a spot and carry my KBs to the sidewalk where we get our work in.  Today was different.  I introduced Ziz(28kg/62lbs), Leviathan(32kg/70lbs), and Behemoth(40kg/88lbs) to the family.

By the time 530 hit, Retread, Ickey Shuffle, Gilbert, and C3PO joined us.

A quick warm up:  Windmill X 10, Arm Circle X 10, Reverse Arm Circle X10

Main Event

Waiter Carries:  5X 90 seconds

Double Cleans:  5X5

Double Squats: 5X5

2 Handed Swings 10 rounds of 10 reps + 60 sec of rest.  The weinke called for a 40-44 kg KB for this one.

A few minutes left for 1 min of elbow plank, 1 min of hollow hold, and 1 minute of glute bridge.



YHC made a trip to the Kettlebell Store this weekend for a couple of reasons 1.  Voodoo tells me I need to lift heavier bells pretty much every time I see him.  2.  I’ve been relying on other pax with larger KB collections whenever the weinke calls for doubles or heavy weight 3. Heavy weights are really cool.

Like most Clean/Squat days, I’ve been encouraging pax that find the weinke too easy to go up in a couple KGs in weight.  Same went for the first time 2H Swings appeared on the weinke, you should be going heavier than you did for the 30 minutes of 1 handed swings from a few weeks ago.  This instruction saw all the pax step a little out of their comfort zone and swing HEAVY.

For those of you that don’t understand the references; Ziz is the King of the Birds according to Psalms 50:11.  Leviathan is a ginormous sea serpent alluded to in Psalms, Job, Isaiah, and Amos.  Behemoth is the primordial beast of the Earth, referenced in Job and Psalms.

See you at Meathead on Wednesday.

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11 months ago

I’m proud of you, MM. I can’t wait to meet the triplets at an upcoming workout.

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